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Panagiotis Tsafaridis

Senior DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect

Remote aus Hamburg

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Hamburg, Deutschland
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Fähigkeiten (46)

  • IT automation
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Panagiotis in wenigen Worten

Dynamic IT engineer with a focus on infrastructure, passionate about automation, standardization, and extracting the maximum performance of any available resources, looking to work with dynamic environments offering interesting challenges in terms of scaling, containerization and big data processing.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Statista GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Cloud Architect  - Als Freelancer

Hamburg, Deutschland

April 2021 - Heute (9 monate)

webvisum GmbH


Cloud Architect  - Als Freelancer

Dezember 2020 - Heute (1 jahr und 1 monat)

xChange Solutions GmbH

Logistik & Supply Chain

DevOps Engineer  - Als Freelancer

Hamburg, Deutschland

August 2020 - Oktober 2021 (1 jahr und 2 monate)

Analysis and evaluation of the currently used infrastructure in AWS and software components
to reduce costs and possible security risks.

Successfully analyzed weaknesses of the Elsticsearch cluster and provided immediate change
proposals to increase stability and ensure data integrity.

Presentation of a more efficient AWS cloud architecture where self hosted services are replaced
by cloud services and environments are isolated by different AWS organizations.

Creation of guidelines for the use and development of Terraform automation scripts.
Amazon Web Services terraform cloud architect DataDog Elasticsearch Single Sign On


Gesundheit & Wellness

Azure DevOps Engineer  - Als Freelancer

März 2021 - August 2021 (5 monate)

direkt gruppe GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Azure Cloud Architect  - Als Freelancer

Februar 2021 - April 2021 (2 monate)


Banken & Versicherungen

DevOps Engineer  - Als Freelancer

Januar 2021 - März 2021 (2 monate)

gitlab docker nuget CI/CD


Banken & Versicherungen

DevOps Architect  - Als Freelancer

Hamburg, Deutschland

November 2020 - Dezember 2020 (1 monat)

Hege Consult UG

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

DevOps Consultan  - Als Freelancer

Hamburg, Deutschland

August 2020 - September 2020 (1 monat)

Project responsibility for the planning, conception and implementation of a hybrid-cloud
network solution using Microsoft Azure and Terraform. The following Azure resources were
used: Express Route, Route Tables, Firewall Manager, Application Gateway, VPN and the
HUB-SPOKE network topology

Designing a secure data traffic to manage the traffic between the data center, cloud and the
public endpoints in a controlled way.

kodilabs GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Freelance Infrastructur Architect  - Als Freelancer


März 2020 - Heute (1 jahr und 10 monate)

Responsible for the development of a fully automated data center infrastructure architecture
with "Ansible" for different web systems.

Implementation of a central monitoring and logging system based on DataDog. Adding custom
checks for own developments and setting up notification at different levels of criticality.

Planning and automated implementation of patch management to quickly install security
updates on all Linux servers.

Implementation of various security concepts to protect web servers against attacks

Parship Group

Unterhaltung & Freizeit

Freelance Information Technology Consultant  - Als Freelancer


März 2020 - Juni 2020 (3 monate)

Delivered a Proof-of-Concept for Puppet, which enabled the Operations Team to test changes on their local machines before they are pushed to production through Jenkins Pipelines, increasing development velocity and failure tolerance.

Improved the existing Infrastructure as Code solution for Cloudflare, based on Terraform, by redesigning the code architecture to a modular basis, which minimized duplication and allowed reuse of Cloudflare resources. Created a golang program leveraging the Cloudflare API to dump manually created entries, converting them into a format importable into Terraform state files. These changes improved maintainability and usage of the Terraform runtime.

Implemented DNS Zone Forwarding to multiple Environments for services registered in environment-specific Consul clusters, making it possible for developers to use the Consul DNS to browse their environment-specific Services by knowing only the datacenter and service names.

Updated expired Intermediate CA Certificates on all Puppet-managed hosts and added the new certificates to the system and browser truststores in an automated way.

Planned capacity for a future Kubernetes Topology in accordance with the existing services and resources used on hypervisors.
Terraform cloudflare puppet kitchen-ci jenkins Golang consul

Deposit Solutions GmbH

Banken & Versicherungen

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland

November 2018 - Februar 2020 (1 jahr und 2 monate)

Played a key role in the main automation project converting the infrastructure from a mainly manual maintenance state into a completed automated state using Saltstack and GitLab, joining the design sessions and being responsible for a sizeable part of the implementation effort, later taking over the responsibility for being the main driver of automation and testing for any expansions using tools like kitchen and InSpec and respecting a git-flow model, ensuring that a machine park with more than 300 hosts is completely managed through an automated and audited interface.

Successful proof-of-concept of a monitoring solution for MySQL databases based on Prometheus, Grafana, and related exporters. This solution enabled developers to find inconsistencies amongst database schemas and Infrastructure engineers to adjust and enhance the database performance.

Creation of a new segregated environment standard to run the company's applications, covering different roles such as web servers, backend servers, and batch job servers backed by a set of reusable Ansible deployment scripts.

Successful migration of the company hypervisor technology from VMWare to Proxmox, greatly enhancing the automation capabilities of the platform and making it possible to run applications with LXC container technology.

Design and implementation of a new load balancing architecture for dynamic request routing based on consul, consul-template, and nginx. This new architecture enabled central log aggregation, TLS-secured connections and dynamic routes based on service registration information stored from the Consul service catalog.

Development of a new set of guidelines for service registration and discovery in the company, together with automation systems for Consul and Consul Template management using SaltStack, including enhancements to the core states and modules for Consul.

Rollout of a new Docker Registry based on Gitlab EE together with an S3 backend with controlled access and encryption using in-house certificates. Provided documentation and examples for the internal teams to migrate to the new solution.

Setup of a new test infrastructure based on Gitlab CI and dynamic build workers on AWS governed by auto scaling runners. The solution enabled all teams working in both infrastructure and application development to have an elastic environment for functional and end-to-end testing whilst greatly reducing the need for on-premise testing infrastructure, resulting in significant cost savings. The rollout of the solution included pair sessions with the development teams in order to adapt the solution to be compatible with semantic versioning and the Java build process used in the company.

Successful PoC of infrastructure management on AWS using Terraform and a set of custom scripts, allowing better view on what would be required to migrate all AWS resources to a Terraform-managed setup.

Creation of a team vision and moderation of discussion sessions which enabled the team to map pending work in form of a comprehensive roadmap, which is used to guide the Scrum planing process.

Rollout of Graylog as the default log aggregator within the company, starting with PoC projects all the way to a fully automated setup backed by SaltStack running in the AWS cloud.


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Systemadministrator / DevOps

Hamburg / Berlin

Juli 2016 - November 2016 (4 monate)

Improved an existing DataStax Cassandra Cluster through a multi phased process of collecting performance data with prometheus, identifying existing bottlenecks and implementing multiple configuration enhancements, amongst them fixing rack awareness, heap space allocation, number of nodes, data replication level and automation with Ansible. After the changes the amount of running transactions per second was increased in around 400%.

Automated the installation of Apache Kafka brokers by creating custom Debian packages and an Ansible role to install them, improving provisioning time for new clusters.

Deployed a PoC project for Java application tracing based on Dynatrace, enabling development teams to proactively detect performance bottlenecks across services and infrastructure components.

"The ADEX" leading DMP Technology

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

System Engineer

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland

April 2015 - April 2016 (1 jahr)

Planned and migrated a Cloudera cluster from major release version 4 to 5, including an linux upgrade from CentOS 6 to 7 managed by puppet with all new configurations and components (Hadoop HDFS, YARN, HBase, Hive, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Flume, Spark). The existing data was synchronized by homegrown scripts with zero downtime.

Participated in a true DevOps culture in steadily improving YARN. Worked hand in hand with development teams to determine the best resources for the various workloads to achieve the best possible result, obtaining a performance increase of 50%.

Creation of various enrichment scripts for 3rd party data consumed from many data sources saving on-demand changes to Hadoop HDFS.

Participation in the construction of a data enrichment pipeline by means of Kafka brokers and flumes in the process of sequential data processing, storing data of a defined file size limit in a HDFS cluster. The system was able to process 2 million synthetic data messages per second.

Created a python-based data backup and recovery solution for Cassandra database systems emulating 1 automated recovery per month.

Setup a Gitlab CI 8 build pipeline to support development teams in their build and release process.
Cloudera Hadoop Apache Kafka linux Apache Flume Spark YARN puppet Gitlab CI Cassandra

ad pepper media Group

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

System Administrator


September 2014 - April 2015 (7 monate)

Migrated workloads running over bare metal to an OnApp KVM based solution with Samba4 acting as a Domain Controller for the environment. Also deployed a unified monitoring and alerting setup for this environment with Nagios.

Implemented a centralized configuration management system with puppet (v3.4) and created custom puppet modules for various infrastructure components (MariaDB, Nagios core, vsftpd, OpenVPN, shorewall, iptables, HAProxy, POSIX users and groups, PowerMTA, ActiveMQ, Apache, MongoDB, sudo, OnApp, NFS, OpenLDAP).

Provided consultancy on performance tuning for MariaDB Galera clusters to subsidiaries of the ad pepper holding.

Performed migration of Microsoft SQL Server clusters to version 2014 from 2005 with the following features: DB-Engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services.

UDG United Digital Group

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

IT Manager

Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland

Oktober 2013 - August 2014 (10 monate)

Administration and governance of the entire IT infrastructure including high availability, security, backup on ubuntu linux servers and ruby application and moving software business workloads into a software defined datacenter with VMWare vSphere.

Implemented a unified security solution via multiple Sophos UTM (WAN, LAN, VPN).

1 Auftrag auf Malt

(1 Meinung)

Kolja Scepanik - direkt gruppe GmbH


We are happy to endorse Mr. Panagiotis Tsafaridis by means of this reference. Panagiotis joined our project team as an Azure Architect and provided guidance on landing zone architecture, automation, and infrastructure-as-code, primarily. Please feel free to contact us for further reference without hesitation.

Deepankar Jha - pockid GmbH


Pana helped us develop the monitoring platform on google cloud platform. He had very good insights of google cloud and helped pockid achieve the monitoring of kubernetes cluster resources and service up times using terraform with a fully automated gitlab CI pipeline.

Andreas Mautz - webvisum GmbH


Pana joined our company for the following tasks: - Evaluation of the currently used docker based local infrastructure and relocation from external services from AWS to GCP to reduce costs. - Consulting regarding CI/CD pipelines in GitLab and our docker-compose based setup. He is level-headed with a foresight considering our company. After a short amount of time, he was able to understand and support our vision regarding these topics.

Sebastian Krammer - wdp


In January 2020 Pana joined our team with the goal to stabilize a client's product and implement a CI/CD Pipeline. Pana is a competent professional, honest and reliable. In this project he had to deal with the .NET environment (which was unfamiliar to him) and complex application architecture. He managed to understand and adapt quickly. During this time Pana pro-actively kept me updated on the project progress. Unfortunately, the project has been put on hold due to complications on the client's side.

João Mikos - Amazon Web Services


Pana is a very capable professional with a proven background in designing resilient systems. He is the person anyone would want to put in charge of resolving problems, for that is what he does best. With his vast experience across many topics, from the lowest level of hardware optimization up to high level automation and service discovery, he is able to transform the most complicated of problems into resilient, efficient, and secure solutions. Together with his technical prowess Pana is also a very effective communicator, able to bring different groups of engineers from different capacities to work together to resolve a problem, making himself an invaluable addition to any team.

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