Lennard Timm

Data Coach • Data Strategist & Architect

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Berlin, Deutschland
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I'm a Data Coach and I help companies improve their data and analytics practice. Collecting data and building a beautifully engineered data infrastructure is nice but it doesn't automatically translate into company success.

Using data to solve business problems does however. We'll identify weak points together and will create a plan and execute it.

I'm a data engineer, a versatile software engineer, and a person who knows the economics of a business. I speak both languages, code and business, and I enjoy facilitating between tech and non-tech.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Ein Medien-Unternehmen

Presse & Medien

Data Coach

Berlin, Deutschland

Januar 2020 - Mai 2020

Ein Verlag


Data Coach

Berlin, Deutschland

Oktober 2019 - Oktober 2019

Ein Software-Unternehmen

Soziale Netzwerke

Senior Data Engineer

Hamburg, Deutschland

Dezember 2019 - Mai 2020

upday GmbH & Co. KG

Presse & Medien

Data Engineer & Senior Software Engineer

Berlin, Deutschland

Mai 2016 - April 2018

I became a member of the newly-founded Data team and helped building an Amazon Redshift-based cloud data warehouse, while learning Data Engineering and related concepts as we progressed. I defined data processing pipelines and data models, supported Business Intelligence and Data Science teams in running ad-hoc analytics and KPI reporting.

I planned and oversaw our migration from a full-service third-party provider to the Snowplow event tracking solution, which involved planning the scale of the system, working with mobile app developers to add new tracking code and with business analysts to define data models and implementing them in Looker. Part of this migration project was to transition to the Snowflake cloud data warehouse from Amazon Redshift, reducing maintenance and costs.

Tourlane GmbH

Reisen & Tourismus

Lead Data Engineer

Berlin, Deutschland

August 2018 - Mai 2019

As the first Data Engineer at Tourlane, I took over ownership of the Data Warehouse and data processing pipelines from a technical perspective, as well as all company-wide reporting and business analytics from a Business Intelligence perspective.

I planned and executed migrating the Data Warehouse to Postgres and rolled out Metabase as our Business Intelligence tool, while improving the reliability of existing data pipelines and adding new ones as needed.

As part of my business analytics focus, I took care of formalising business metrics and KPIs in a central place and work with their owners to ensure we rely on the right numbers and track them correctly.

upday GmbH & Co. KG

Presse & Medien

Software Engineer

Berlin, Deutschland

August 2015 - April 2016

As a member of the backend engineering team, I helped rolling out the Ruby on Rails-backed API during product launch and contributed to transitioning from a monolithic to a microservices architecture. We extracted parts of the business logic into dedicated, smaller services and as the owner of the then-legacy Rails API I helped coordinate our efforts which ended with the planned decommission of the legacy API. I took an activate part in the on-call rotation and ensured maximum availability for all backend services.

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