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Seif Ghezala

Fullstack web developer

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin

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Berlin, Germany
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  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 50km


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    Omar Benseddik
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    Omar Benseddik
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    Omar Benseddik
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Seif in wenigen Worten

Senior full-stack web developer specialized in frontend with a focus on React.

I have experience in companies such as Zalando (top e-commerce in Europe) and Ahrefs (the top SEO tool in the market).

I am also the co-founder of Tinloof, a web development, and design agency based in Berlin, Germany.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung


Unterhaltung & Freizeit

Senior fullstack developer

Berlin, Allemagne

April 2021 - Juni 2021 (2 monate)

Loop Create is an event for music makers to discover new ideas and inspire their creative practice.

Given the confidential nature of this project, I can't dive into specifics.

Screenshots here: https://tinloof.com/work/loop-create



Senior fullstack developer

Berlin, Germany

September 2020 - Dezember 2020 (3 monate)

Led the development of Illuminem, an Energy News Aggregator. The project consisted of a Sanity CMS, a Next.js frontend, and a Java articles crawler.

I did the following:
- Came up with an architecture that allowed the client to see posts crawled from 14 different sources but also add their own posts.
- Integrated Sanity CMS to make everything in the app editable.
- Used Next.js static regeneration technique to create static pages that rebuild dynamically when data changes.
- Implemented views and ranking system using Sanity.
- Created responsive carousels from scratch.
- Created a blog for the client where articles are written in the CMS.
- Used accessibility best practices to achieve a lighthouse score of 100.
- Used SEO best practices to achieve a lighthouse score of 100.
- We have the following lighthouse scores: performance (97), accessibility (100), best practices (100), SEO (100).


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Frontend Developer (Remote)

Berlin, Germany

April 2020 - Heute (1 jahr und 6 monate)

Creating a design system to be used across all Ahrefs tools.

Zalando SE

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Frontend Developer

Berlin, Germany

Juni 2019 - April 2020 (10 monate)

- Integrated Contenful CMS with Zalando API in order to serve static landing pages.
- Created several landing pages using React.
- Created features in a Node API for landing pages.


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Frontend Developer

Berlin, Germany

August 2018 - Juli 2019 (10 monate)

- Built product features from requirements to discussions with the product manager and UX/UI designers.
- Contributed to improving the team code review and testing process.
- Created a NodeJS open source library: Camunda external task client.
- Contributed to an open source ElectronJS project: Camunda modeler.
- Maintained and developed open source and enterprise features for Camunda BPM Platform with AngularJS.
- Maintained and developed features for various Camunda open source projects (e.g. Camunda commons ui).


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Oktober 2016 - Juli 2017 (9 monate)

- Maintained a NodeJS API serving as a backend for ads visited by thousands of users daily. Implemented features for these ads using LiveScript, HTML, and CSS.
- Contributed to the implementation of a NodeJS API for gaming and education products.
- Helped as well build their frontends using React and Redux both in JavaScript and LiveScript.
- Created internal tools for marketing teams using React and CSS.

Ideal Soft

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Software Developer (Internship)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

August 2015 - Heute (6 jahre und 2 monate)

An internship where I worked as a full-stack developer.

Federico Stella - Illuminem


Great guy to work with. He possesses outstanding design, content creation and technical skills, while also having very useful perks, like a strong project management attitude, and providing advice and insights on how to make the product better. I worked with him on a very big project, so the perks I mentioned were particularly useful and important.

Niels Van Beek - Product & Service Designer


Seif is undoubtedly an incredibly driven, knowledgeable and skilled developer, project and product leader. I would trust him with any topic or team. I worked as a UX/UI designer together with Seif on a web product for the energy sector for three months. His honest cross-functional leadership and ability to manage and connect with the client, in addition to managing the entire product development and launch process easily qualifies him to be the best guy for almost every challenge. He might not always say what’s most convenient however ultimately this will help to get the best results. Seif navigates and translates between the worlds of business, tech and user experience - and lives the wise humbleness to seek advice of others in their fields of expertise.

Info Illuminem - Illuminem


Tinloof is capable of building amazing products. Seif, Omar, and their collaborators were entitled to build from zero a complex website, from the back-end architecture, to the CMS and the front-end. The project lasted 4 months, and Tinloof has demonstrated compelling IT hard-knowledge (JavaScript, CSS, Python, etc.) to construct anything required and the ability to outclass in project management, communication and front-end skills. The project consisted of developing a hub of information, aggregating multiple sources automatically, and displaying selected posts across different sections in the platform. Given the high level of automation, together with the customization via CMS, the job involved a complex architecture and many challenges. Tinloof excelled in critically resolving any problem faced while assuring quality and effective solutions. Accordingly, within the project's scope, almost everything was possible thanks to the breadth and depth of their IT skills. Tinloof surprised in project management skills. Upon contract signature, they promised to be the partner to trust to manage different people involved (from other developers to designers). Not only they did so, but further brought efficiency to the project development by being the "light-house" of the wider IT team. Thus, never lagging-behind, they pushed the project management to the next level. As regards to communication, by using Trello, video calls, and instant messaging, they were transparent in showing their pipeline of work and demonstrated instant availability (a call away at any time!) to respond to every request. Despite the best-practises, we faced once a misalignment on a decision. To avoid this in the future, Tinloof acted proactively by proposing to send memos after the meetings to track decisions and ensure that both parties were aligned. A particular note is for their front-end skills. We echo what their website says: "Front-end experts". The platform performs at cutting-edge levels in performance (1.3 seconds to load the heaviest page), SEO (lighthouse score of 98%), accessibility and responsiveness (mobile is particularly excellent). After product validation, our users were amazed by the UI/UX design, something looking "professional, even better than dominant incumbents in the market". Thus, we maintain that Tinloof's problem solving, reliability, project management, communication and front-end skills set them apart. After 4 months of journey, they proved to be capable of building amazing products. 

Abdelillah Hassam - IT++


I worked closely with Seif during these past months crafting a product from Scratch. Seif demonstrated strong expertise in front-end development especially with JS stacks technologies (React, NextJS). He always aims to deliver scalable, performant solutions. I also want to highlight his skills in project management within a team with different roles and backgrounds which he led successfully. He has eased to grasp technical as well as functional subjects in projects.

Omar Benseddik - Tinloof


Seif is an experienced and strong software developer that led the project Illuminem (energy news aggregator) from 0 to 100. We worked closely on each feature and he managed the project with great attention to detail and a very organized workflow using tools like Trello and Notion. Seif is an expert at JavaScript, React and CSS. He also masters the framework NextJS and managed to boost the Lighthouse performance of the project to 100. He built complex features, integrated the project with Sanity CMS and supported both the backend developer and designer. Working with Seif is a pleasure. He is direct, knowledgeable, available and very effective in his approach.