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Roland Cernat

project manager, product owner, innovation

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: München, München

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Standort und Mobilität

München, Deutschland
Ist bereit bei Ihnen im Büro zu arbeiten, in
  • München und im Umkreis von 50km
  • München und im Umkreis von 50km


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Top skills and expertise:
•I evaluate, develop and implement customer centric projects and strategies.
•I apply lean startup practices, life cycle design and design thinking methodologies to
analyze products, find customer fit and deliver innovative solutions.
•I identify cost overruns and financial risks by flagging potential issues and budget implications in a timely and effective manner and quickly implement options to profitability.
•I effectively communicate and work with multicultural and cross-functional teams.

My professional and also personal interests have always been strongly tied with constantly researching and learning about different industries, technologies and innovations. This allows me to get new insights and keep a fresh eye. I am thus offering a deep understanding of different fields and trends and the ability to develop and evaluate scenarios that lead to profitable project outcomes.

Get in touch, if you need help, have an idea or a business proposal. I am very much looking forward to put my skills into practice to empower #You and #YourCompany

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Innovation Manager / Digital Strategy Manager

Januar 2017 - Heute (6 Jahre und 2 Monate)

Innovation - top skills and expertise:
Lean Startup | Business Model Canvas | Validation Board | Ideation Techniques | Life Cycle Design | Design Thinking | Innovation Strategy | Innovation Process | Need-Finding | Concept Validation | Go-to-Market Strategy | Market Positioning | Business Case Evaluation | Revenue Model Development

Selected Achievements:
•Explored complex scenarios and discovered innovation opportunities that materialized in new products, services, categories, experiences and defensible strategies.
•Identified opportunities to develop new customer-centered offerings and lean product development processes.
•Deepened customer understanding and product-market fit to position the brands.
•Drove business and innovation forward and aligned them with human resources under a common leit motiv, so they could complementary evolve and thrive.


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Project Manager / Product Manager

Januar 2018 - Heute (5 Jahre und 2 Monate)

Project Management / Product Mangement - top skills and expertise:
Lean and Agile Project Strategy | Concept Validation | Competitor & Trend Analysis | Scenario Planning | Use Cases | Game Theory | Need-Finding | Prototyping | User Testing | Product Design | UI | UX | Interplay of Cloud, IoT, AI, AR, VR, Blockchain | Digital Strategy | Revenue Model Implementation

Selected Achievements:
•Closely defined user requirements and prioritized futures to match the clients current human and hardware resources in a profitable and economical manner.
•Drove market research on competition and trends to understand current and future market development, formulate strategies for successful market positioning. •Implemented go-to-market strategies to win, keep and retain customers.
•Quickly tested new design and technological ideas to maintain the trend leader position of the client and stay on the edge of new trends.
•Aligned the user interface and user experience of client platform and web page to create a comprehensive corporate identity.
•Ability to relate on customer’s needs, problems and evaluate success potential of ideas, based on experience form my own ventures.

Creative Wave GmbH


Head of Department / Automotive Project Manager

September 2015 - Juni 2017 (1 Jahr und 9 Monate)

Management - top skills and expertise:
Multi-Project Management | Change Management | Flexible Leadership Style | Multi-Cultural and Cross-Functional Team Leadership | High-Value
and High-Quality Standards | Balancing Budget, Resources and Project Requirements | Digital Transformation | Collaboration and Productivity Tools

Selected Achievements:
•Managed a team of 14 employees, plus up to 20 contractors by efficiently assigning work based on resource needs, project requirements and unique skill set demands.
•Completed 25+ projects on schedule, within budget and meeting quality standards.
•Managed projects with a value of up to 1 million € per single contract.
•Kept track of up to 5 simultaneously running projects by creating plans that incorporated all aspects of project requirements; including design, modelling and engineering status, as well as budget, agreements, impact of changes and risk levels.
•Reduced overtime by 15% by maintaining a strong focus on policy, communication, proper manpower utilization and measurement.
•Decreased project cost overruns by flagging and de-escalating potential issues and budget implications in a timely and effective manner; and by identifying risks and proposing options to project profitability.
•Reduced project cost overruns by 10% by creating staffing demand forecast documents to optimize the utilization of employees and contractor hiring process.
•Filled gaps in the management process by developing a structure that satisfies companies and customer needs and by introducing project charter, project documentation, post evaluation report, rules of conduct
•Created process documentation materials for employees and as part of the onboarding process for new team members by creating manuals, guides and wiki for data releases, technical topics, customer requirements, etc.
•Successfully supervised change management progresses by monitoring the acceptance process and negotiating transition issues.

BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, Audi, Porsche, VW, etc. and new car companies like NIO, Lucid. Products ranging from petrol cars to electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

Zyncd and ImmoMatch

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting


Januar 2013 - August 2015 (2 Jahre und 7 Monate)

Business / Product Management - top skills and expertise:
Business Cases | Revenue Models | Business Technology | Product Strategy | Project Management | Target Market Analysis | Target Group Definition |
Competitor & Trend Analysis | Go-To-Market Strategy | Creative Strategy | Customers Retaining Strategy | Collaboration & Productivity | Human Factors

Selected Achievements:
•Developed a product strategy road map for product development, so our team was able to plan why, how and when to introduce new features. •Aligned our technological development and business processes according to the business model and the strategy.
•Managed business technology by defining our technology strategy, to bring products and services in the most profitable way on the market.
•Created successful market positioning and identified go-to-market strategies to win new customers.