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Manuel "stuff Mc" in wenigen Worten

Started with his C64 at age 11 in 1987. Manuel “Stuff” Carrasco Molina became a Pro Software Dev in 1997 after 3 years of CS. Started the first french podcast about Apple in 2005. Started developing for iOS in 2008 and the Mac in 2011. With Swift since 2014 (pre-1.0). Wrote a book about Privacy on iOS and speaking at conferences around the world.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung



Senior Lead Apple Technologist

Aachen, Germany

Juli 2019 - Dezember 2019

As a kind of "iOS-CTO" I was responsible of developing the iOS Apps @ e.GO:Digital. You can imagine what an electric car company nowadays build: Car sharing, Car services, and alike. I’ve been mostly working on "e.GO on Demand" and "Talking Cards" while also giving many directions. I worked with 3 iOS Developers for which I review the code (and they review mine obviously) as well as with other teams like Android and Backend to always give my perspectives.

Seven Principles AG

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Senior iOS Developer

Cologne, Germany

August 2014 - Oktober 2017

I worked on the DHL Paket (and the Paketkasten App, not available anymore) as well as on an internal iPad Sales app for Vorwerk. I could start with Swift pre-1.0 in August 2014 @ 7P, which means I've been working with Swift since then.

Certgate GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Senior Lead iOS Developer

Düsseldorf, Germany

November 2017 - Juni 2019

I was responsible of developing the iOS and macOS parts of their Software, mostly Drivers, mostly with Objective-C and Objective-C++ but I could also use my beloved Swift.


Presse & Medien


April 2019 - Heute

Written, out to production, and out to the public early June, I wrote a book about Privacy called "Karma-Based API on Apple Platforms".


Bildung & E-Learning

Conference Speaker: Privacy on iOS

City of London, United Kingdom

März 2019 - März 2019

A lot of the time privacy of your data as a user is not a priority for developers. Whether it’s your calendar, your contacts, or your location, as a user you want to be able to use an app without all of those attacks in your privacy. In this talk, Manuel will explore some things an iOS and macOS developer should do to ensure the most critical user can still use your app in some regards, so your product does not just demand, “I need all your information,” like on other platforms. This is the beauty of the Apple Platforms: being able to fine grain (although not enough). So, let’s do this all together as a beautiful community concerned by privacy.

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