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Rafael Calleja

Motion Designer, Editor, Videographer

Berlin, Deutschland

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Rafael in wenigen Worten

I´m a Motion Designer, Editor and Videographer with over 15 years of experience in the Media and Advertising Industry.

During this time I have worked in all sort of projects, from Commercials to Music videos, Documentaries, Media installations or Broadcast promos.

I have worked for some of the most outstanding studios in Berlin, London, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Madrid, Barcelona, or Manila, in projects whose clients were the leading brands of the world.

I have a wide experience in all the areas of the production process from the Visual Conception to the Final cut.

I´m a reliable and experienced professional specialized in Animation and Motion Design but also with
a taste and passion for Filmmaking.

My technical skills regarding software cover: Adobe CC package, I have a Senior / Master
level with After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop, tools that I have been using for over 15

Wide knowledge with the Maxon 3d Package Cinema4d as well as different particle simulators,
specially X-Particles.

Senior experience as Editor / Cutter. Adobe Premiere is a tool which I also have been using daily since 14 years.

My personal work tries to fusion 3 of my passions Filmmaking, Food and Anthropology, creating aesthetically sensitive video content that narrates meaningful stories.

I´m always looking forward facing new creative challenges, so please feel free to contacting me for any interesting collaboration.



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