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Marc Maria

Fotografie, Community, Storytelling.

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig

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  • 13.3888
  • Unverbindlicher Tarif 500 € /Tag
  • Berufserfahrung 7 Jahre und +
  • Antwortrate 100 %
  • Antwortzeit 1h
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Standort und Mobilität

Berlin, Germany
Ist bereit bei Ihnen im Büro zu arbeiten, in
  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 50km
  • Hamburg und im Umkreis von 10km
  • Leipzig und im Umkreis von 10km


  • Luxusgüter
  • Kunst & Handwerk
  • Mode & Kosmetik
  • Kultur
  • E-Commerce
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Fähigkeiten (16)

Marc in wenigen Worten

I like to photograph people: I enjoy finding their special beauty, adapting to who they are, because not everyone should be photographed the same way.

All of my work involves communication skills, whether I'm managing a Studio project, working as a portrait or fashion photographer,
and as a light technician in a film crew.

Every photographer knows his tools--the lighting, the camera--but it’s not just about tools, it’s also about You !

I love building computers and Iam very experienced using Adobe Photoshop or Capture One, and I enjoy finding the time to create something unique.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Malt Community SA - Malt

Photography, head shots.  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

März 2022 - März 2022

The Challenge of this Mission is to make a nice head shot in a 15 minute time frame in a space that is new,
It requires lots of spontaneity and action, also I generally like to have a deeper approach of portrait photography
I believe this fast shootings are a good exercise, closer to event photography.

Vincent production, Movie and Video

Audiovisuelle Medien

Überleben in Brandenburg  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

Oktober 2021 - November 2021 (1 monat)

I was hired as Oberbeleuchter, Gaffer, while the shoot was already started, 12 hours per day, and night, on location. I felt like being dropped in a war zone. Its tough work and when its done you cry because you miss it so much. "Le Cinema c'est la vie"[email protected]/albums/72157720055264312
Teamwork Elektrotechnik Videobearbeitung

Malt Community GmbH - Malt

Photographer, Adobe creative Suite  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

September 2021 - September 2021

Working for Malt was pleasant . I find the company modern and the Freelance very interesting to photograph.
Eventmanagement Capture One Adobe Photoshop Photography

Home Concert

Kunst & Handwerk

Producer  - Als Freelancer

Oktober 2020 - Februar 2021 (4 monate)

What about helping musicians to get well known and support local arts ? I turned my loft into a concert hall, we had one concert per month with 80 guests, with three Jazz band playing, we used social medias to advertise, we had good ticket sales, an alcohol sponsor and I was managing a team of four, we where starting to have fans, and Covid came, bummer. Now we are out.
Social Media Musikproduktion Multiprojektmanagement Videoproduktion live streaming

Mode & Kosmetik

Photography and Mindful branding  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

Februar 2020 - Heute (2 jahre und 7 monate)

I was contacted by the Brand Founder Jason Dunn when he started his first collection and followed up as the company developed, together we opened my co-working studio art space, The Plant.
Sharing the space as an office allowed us to hold on through the covid crisis.

Malt Community SA - Malt

Photograher  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

Januar 2020 - Januar 2020

For the mission I was doing head shots of freelancer, I really appreciate meeting new people and working with a rythm and will plan to do this more often.

6 Aufträge auf Malt

(5 Meinungen)

Claire - Malt Community GmbH


As always, super great work from Marc ! We love the pictures !

Claire - Malt Community GmbH


Marc is a really talented photographer ; it was great working with him. the photos turned exactly as we wanted and very natural, the persons he photographed felt comfortable with him. I highly recommand to work with him for his communication, social skills, and above all photography and portrait skills.

Clément - Malt Community SA


It was a pleasure to work with Marc to get our business portraits. I recommend him!

Maria O - Maribach Design


Marc is a super professional photographer. I really enjoyed working with him. The photos are gorgeous. He has an artistic perspective on work and creates a calm atmosphere for a photo session. I really recommend his work!

Iven Sohmann - Iven Sohmann


It was fun working with Marc. We had a portrait photo shoot and he made me feel very comfy, which is not not easy to do. Also, he has a very artistic eye and great patience. I can highly recommend.

Khari Slaughter - Khari Slaughter Freelance Design


I would recommend Marc as a photographer. I had some headshots done with him. He made me feel very at ease and the resulting images were well framed, lit, and executed. He was patient and kind and interested in obtaining a good result. 10/10

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