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Marc Marburger

Mobile Development Expert

Berlin, Deutschland

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  • Unverbindlicher Tarif 604€ / Tag
  • Berufserfahrung 2-7 Jahre
  • Antwortrate 100%
  • Antwortzeit 1h
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Fähigkeiten (23)

Marc in wenigen Worten

Highly organized, working with determination and passion

Former Lead Developer and Architect, understanding business needs and product

Open and curious mindset, pushed by intrinsic motivation

Polyglot, easily switching between languages and tools

Quickly adapting, mastered: C++ 11, Objective-C, C#, Swift, Dart, Assembler in the past years

Short onboarding phase, first day/first check-in, starting to contribute on the first day

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Juli 2019 - August 2019 | Berlin, Deutschland


Vilua healthcare GmbH

Mobile Developer Dart/Flutter

My task was to create a solution in which the user can switch seamlessly from the portrait- mode video-call to a landscape-mode tools section and to create the respective tool- widgets.

In order to fulfill given requirements, I developed coordinate-systems, custom-made sliders, etc. One additional difficulty was to scale the widgets/fonts correctly from small-screen devices like the iPhone SE to tablets like the iPad 12.9”. Furthermore, the tools include a screen where spots had to be placed exactly on top of defined positions of a vector graphic.

The project challenged in managing rotation, controlling a video-call, scaling the layout correctly on multiple form-factors and operating systems and to keep the screen states intact between such orientation changes and switches between edit and read modes within these tools. The resulting solution was of library-quality; almost no dependencies and of clear software-design.
März 2018 - Mai 2019 | Erlangen, Deutschland


Sivantos Group

Global Software Architect Apps

• In charge of mobile architecture
• Test driven refactoring of existing libraries
• Consolidating features and requirements
• Created stable and brandable API for B2B and B2C cases
• Designed core components for communication, application lifecycle, navigation and other infrastructure
• Technical PO for B2B SDK
• Mentor of in-house developers
• Responsible for external resources
Juli 2016 - Februar 2018 | Berlin, Deutschland


audibene GmbH

Lead Mobile Developer

• Test driven development of mobile apps
• iOS and Android
• MVVM architecture with view-model-based navigation, speakers/headsets, cloud API
• Chat functionality with push notifications
• WebRTC based video call
• Bluetooth LE communication with hearing aids
August 2014 - Juni 2016 | Neunkirchen, Deutschland


Buhl Data Service

Mobile Developer

WISO Vermieter

• Developed customer facing apps on iOS, Android, Mac
• Used multi-platform core
• Built meta-UI framework on top of Mac and mobile apps in order to define the layout once
• Delivered private label builds with branded layout and visuals in database by defining complete UI in
database, leveraging on meta-UI framework

finanzblick for Windows Phone

• Developed app with connection and sync to REST API
• Developed features for bank account maintenance, money transfers
• Showing statistics in graphics as bar- and pie charts
Oktober 2013 - Juli 2014 | Mudersbach, Deutschland


Aupro automation in progress GmbH

Software Engineer

• Developed software in Atmel Assembler
• Windows clients written in C++ with MFC
• Engineered test boards and hardware
• Created web frontend, as HMI, enabling controlling of tasks and showing statistics, connected to C++ backend

Ausbildung & Abschlüsse

  • B.Sc. Computer Science

    Universität Siegen



  • Englisch

    Fließend/ Muttersprache

  • Deutsch

    Fließend/ Muttersprache

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