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Zuzanna Borek

Communication Coaching

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hanover

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Standort und Mobilität

Berlin, Germany
Ist bereit bei Ihnen im Büro zu arbeiten, in
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  • Hamburg und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Munich und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Frankfurt am Main und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Cologne und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Hanover und im Umkreis von 100km


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Zuzanna in wenigen Worten

Communication is pivotal on every level of our life and career, both professionally and privately, at work and at home. Everyday we interact with other people and we co-build relationships, and at all times we send our message of what we want and who we are. Most of the time we only have limited time to react and we make this decision unconsciously, simply out of our habits. It impacts on our efficient team, enjoyable relation with a boss or simple amiable ambiance at home. It’s worthy to take care to make these decisions consciously instead and start communicating our intentions more explicitly, simply and clear. It’s quite straightforward! It starts with awareness and understanding yourself and then assertively express it to others. Although it’s uncomplicated, it’s not easy to apply and it requires plenty of hard work. And that is what I would love to help you with! I’m offering my support, experience and expertise to you, because I deeply believe that you deserve to achieve all of yours professional and private goals that you ream about. With a smile instead of frustration!

I’m working both with individual clients and groups or teams. Length and frequency of sessions, I’m always setting with each person or group separately, as we all prefer different rhythm and work style. I charge between 50-80eur/h for individual sessions and 100-300eur/h with groups, depending on size, length and frequencies of sessions. I work either in person in Berlin or online.

I’m always offering 1h of free sample session or consulting to experience my coaching and to discuss best strategy for you or your team, so this time will be a true investment.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Co-Active Coach

Beratung & Audit

Communication Coach  - Als Freelancer

September 2018 - Heute (3 jahre und 8 monate)

co-active communication coaching Coaching facilitator change managment



Researcher  - Als Freelancer

Berlin, Germany

Oktober 2017 - Heute (4 jahre und 7 monate)

Data science Communication Research Molecular Biology

University Medical Center Groningen


Researcher  - Als Freelancer

Groningen, The Netherlands

Oktober 2013 - September 2017 (3 jahre und 11 monate)

Wiktoria Florek - Wiktoria Florek Art


I had few coaches before and it didn't work for me so I was sceptical about trying coaching with Zuzanna. But since she offers a free session and I knew she's good in this I thought I'll give it a try. I was surprised from the very first session, Zuzanna is really good. I'm working with her to get clarity on my creative path and to discover what's holding me back from thriving. We had 3 sessions so far and I learned how to deal with my insecurities, she helped me identify what's draining my energy and showed how to effectively deal with it. Through visualisations I met my inner leader. What I discovered thanks to Zuzanna's guided questions about myself and my comfort zone is now helping me face creative blocks and move forward quickly. I can't wait to our next session. I totally recommend her.

Kieu Le - University of Groningen


No need to get stuck in a certain aspect of life, but as long as you want to learn more and develop yourself, I would recommend Zuzanna to you. I enjoy my coaching experience with her. She helped me to visualize my dream and confronted me with questions that I have never asked myself before. By doing that I saw how my everyday life was decided by my unconscious mind and how I can change it. I feel more secure in taking the next step in my career when learning about self-values, comfort zone and decision making with her.

Roman Kazimierczak - NOWA-KraftwerksTechnik GmbH


I am working with Zuzanna on my daily communication skills but also on my overall awareness. I quickly realised how much different is the communicate that I send from what I thought I was sending. Zuzanna payed a lot attention to me during the free sample session and seamlessly guided conversation so that soon the problems that I face were revealed. I was really surprised how I was able to, by answering her questions, to verbalise my goals, problems, daily struggles. Becoming aware helped not only my work, communication with the clients and my team, but also helped me verbalise my feelings and emotions. It is a great tool.

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