Stéphane Colson

Senior Holistic Software Tester

Remote from München

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München, Deutschland
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Stéphane in wenigen Worten

I'm working since 2001 for software editor companies, first as a software developer then as a software tester since 2006, and now as a freelance.

Testing is a passion and in addition to my skills allowing me to test any software, I remain eager to learn a lot about my craft: with books and blogs, by attending conferences and meetups, here, on twitter or with other testers of the testing community.

The exploration, questioning with the developers and all those involved in the project (users included), heuristics, oracles and bias avoidance are part of my tools.

I also blog on Lyon Testing and organize the Ministry of Testing Lyon Meetup.

I live in France (Lyon) and can work remotely.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung



Mobile applications tester

Paris, Frankreich

Oktober 2018 - Heute

Testing and validation of Farmi mobile applications (iOS and Android)
Testing and validation of backend APIs
Reporting and follow-up of detected anomalies
Tools: Charles Proxy, Postman, Azure DevOps,...

Malt - Malt


Holistic Software Tester

Lyon, Frankreich

April 2019 - September 2019

In a DevOps environment in continuous integration mode and frequent product deployment
Testing of the Malt platform, new features and bug fixes
Reporting and follow-up of detected anomalies
Support ticket tracking
Configuring Static Code Analysis with Sonar
End2end acceptance tests with CodeceptJS and Selenium WebDriver
  • codecept
  • sonarqube
  • jira
  • devtestops
  • webdriver
  • functional testing
  • selenium
  • QA
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MICHELIN DDI - Groupe Michelin


Test / Validation of telematic device for automotive

Clermont-Ferrand, Frankreich

November 2017 - August 2018

Validation of iOS and Android mobile applications
Validation of the path recording box (GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth communication with smartphone,...)
Follow-up of beta-testers and first customers/users
Monitoring/Analysis of box lifts
Reporting of detected anomalies

Testing IT


Crowd Tester

Juli 2017 - Heute

Registered as a Crowd Tester on several platforms, I test mobile or desktop applications, web applications and e-commerce sites (e-commerce, e-retail, market place), etc...



Quality Engineer - QA Tester

Lyon, Frankreich

Januar 2011 - Mai 2017

Responsible for testing Linagora OpenPaaaS, and OBM products, open source collaborative tools.
- Within a team distributed on several sites and in 3 countries in agile mode, responsible for product testing, strategy, reporting and the team of testers.
- Automation of graphical interface testing in collaboration with developers and with Webdriver - Selenium - Protractor and Cucumber.
- Tools used: Linux Debian, CentOS, Testlink, Atlassian Jira suite, Github, Jenkins, Docker, Saucelabs
- Experience in agile methods and software development cycle
- Test environments include all kinds of smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows), Thunderbird, Outlook and web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge)
- Product quality improvement with a strategy of continuous integration, code review, peer programming, peer testing, agile methods, non-regression tests, eat your own dog food, beta testing, user testing, etc,



Software Quality Engineer

Lyon, Frankreich

Februar 2006 - Januar 2011

Testing and validation of Arkoon hardware and security software (now Stormshield): security appliances based on Linux Fast360, anti-spam, anti-virus, IPS, IDS, SSL SSL360 VPN, Windows Security BOX desktop security and Pocket PC and SmartPhone security under Windows Mobile Security BOX Mobile.
In charge of the Security Box Mobile project within the Quality Assurance team: monitoring the quality of developments, organising test campaigns, planning project validation, monitoring resources, meeting deadlines.
Test platform administrator: Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory, stunnel server for TLS/SSL VPN, key infrastructure management with openssl, Ubuntu update server.
Scrum Master of agile development method and quality process.
  • TEst
  • Agile
  • QA




Lyon, Frankreich

Oktober 2001 - Januar 2006

Study and development of Arkoon security appliance administration tools (now Stormshield): configuration management, supervision, reporting...from functional specification writing to development and validation.

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