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Sabine Joseph

Data Scientist, Data & AI Consultant

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Berlin, Deutschland
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Sabine in wenigen Worten

Dr. Sabine Joseph consults companies to build AI solutions and advises across the entire life cycle of AI: from systematic conception to production at Emerald AI.

Previously as a Data Scientist and client-facing AI Consultant at Microsoft and Accenture in Germany, she led international teams building and delivering commercial cross-industry AI solutions driving digital transformation in businesses (Fortune 500 companies in the EMEA region) and national Government. Passionate about merging technical solutions with design, she has worked on User Research and Design at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK.

She has had academic training in diverse cultures. She pursued her undergraduate studies in the Netherlands and Canada, and holds postgraduate degrees from leading universities in London and Paris, and has published 10+ papers (on how the human brain learns and remembers information during her PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London (UCL). She also has extensive postgraduate teaching experience at UCL.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Data Science Consultant

Berlin, Deutschland

Februar 2017 - Juni 2018 (1 jahr und 4 monate)

• Time-series machine learning for crisis early warning systems to predict events of interest on national and sub-national level using a multitude of open source datasets (government & financial services)
• Object classification and localisation for satellite images using deep learning (government)
• Recommender system for up-selling upon vehicle purchase (automotive)
• Recruitment: conducting technical interviews (focus:AI), company representative at technical and AI conferences, supervision of data science projects by student group (TU Darmstadt)



Data Science Consultant

Berlin, Deutschland

Juli 2018 - November 2019 (1 jahr und 4 monate)

• Data science stream lead on ML for demand forecasting project (energy & services)
• Scoped and built traffic models for rush hour prediction and trip segmentation for IoT equipped vehicles
along with ideation of future ML use cases as part of customised data strategy (automotive)
• Built recommender system for IoT equipped elevators for repair jobs to be performed by technicians; high
customer satisfaction led to an additional order of 670k USD (industrial engineering)
• Implemented hierarchy of classification models for machine part detection along with OCR (manufacturing)
• Recruitment: conducted technical interviews (focus:DataScience&AI)
Python spark Pyspark Azure Databricks

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