Reginaldo Soares

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, IT-Consultant

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin, Berlin, Hamburg, München, Frankfurt am Main, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Köln, Hannover, Bremen, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Münster

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Berlin, Deutschland
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  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 50km
  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Hamburg und im Umkreis von 20km
  • München und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Frankfurt am Main und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Nürnberg und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Stuttgart und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Köln und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Hannover und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Bremen und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Leipzig und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Düsseldorf und im Umkreis von 20km
  • Münster und im Umkreis von 20km


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Reginaldo in wenigen Worten

Results-oriented software engineer with 12+ years of experience developing, testing, and maintaining enterprise software applications. I am versatile, self-organized, cross-functional capable, with relevant international experience in early-startups to enterprise-class companies.

I am experienced working with local or remotely distributed teams and Scrum/Agile software development process. My task versatility covers: engaging in product brainstorms, technical design discussions, pair programming sessions, assisting hiring processes, code reviews, mentoring, or guiding less or non-experienced tech staff.

Strong JVM Internals knowledge. Main development languages Java, Kotlin, and Scala with practical exposure in frameworks like Spring, Play, Akka, Lagon, Vertx, and as legacy J2EE correlates. Currently, I am skilling myself in React-JS, Angular, Android API.

In the last four years, I've been working mostly with JVM languages and back-end development and data engineering, helping to design more resilient/scalable systems based on micro-services and cloud-oriented architectures and services (AWS, GCP). Handling very-large datasets, building data pipelines, in-memory data grids, and draining to No-SQL databases, RDBMS, streaming data/events with processing engines (like Apache Spark/Hadoop/Storm).

Current main knowledge areas: JVM languages and architecture, Reactive programming, Distributed ledger technology, big-data/No-SQL multi-model DB's, cloud-native architecture, infrastructure as code.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Regente Consulting OÜ


DLT Engineer Consultant / (part-time contractor)

Berlin, Deutschland

Dezember 2018 - April 2020

Distributed ledger technology/Blockchain projects partnering with a service provider company. (Russia)

Dapps implementation and providing a bridge integration between distinct ledgers. (EU Client) Token issuance automation/integration Platform-as-a-Service. (EU Client)

Voting Platform for financial regulator lead-player client in South America.
Training about Ledger-Platforms Hyperledger / Corda / Waves and consensus strategies. Full time remotely working.

Layer GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Senior Backend Engineer (contractor)

Berlin, Deutschland

Juli 2019 - Januar 2020

Berlin based Startup technology company, providing for your existing Excel, Google Sheets a transparent layer cloud application with several features.

Responsible for the development of the most critical application modules, fully written in Kotlin, using event-driven (Axon) scalable architecture deployed in Google Cloud, Kubernetes.
Kotlin training for java developers, team code/peer review for team members improvement. Half time remotely working.

AppLift GmbH

Presse & Medien

Senior Backend Engineer

Berlin, Deutschland

Februar 2018 - November 2018

German Ad Tech technology company, participation on the new Ad Tracker system development project.

Research and developer of CQRS and a backbone Event Sourcing module for the new Tracker system and Third party legacy Tracker integration.

CQRS/ES platform development using Kotlin, Command/Events Repository based on Kafka, and concurrency model relying on Vertx/ReactiveX.

Candidates interviewing for internal long-term software engineerings positions.

GFT Technologies


Software Architect (Deutsche Bank outsorcing)

März 2014 - November 2015

GFT is a German consulting offering IT specialists for the international financial industry.
My tasks were related Software architecture/engineering for Deutsche Bank New York/London Projects.

• Projects Structured Finance Products, Swift Integrated Payment Systems, Derivatives Trading and Market Data Systems for Deutsch Bank Platforms.
• Technical design/engineering for projects. (Structuring Finance/Market Data Systems)
• Leading development for Legacy C written code translation to JAVA. (CINQ - SWIFT Platform)
• Actively participating in all software development lifecycle.
• Performing activities with internal teams giving technical support professionals also
representing technical solutions to the DB.
• Work on internals API/Framework design to facilitate/improve team delivery capabilities.
• Conducting training for the internal internship program (GFT Starter) about J2EE technologies
and mentoring the newcomers.
• Research and training presentations about credit/FX derivatives, structured finance products
and blockchain development.

DataWerks GmbH


Software Architect

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Dezember 2015 - Januar 2018

DataWerks is German startup that offers a product/solutions for clients who have a widely distributed data sources, structured or unstructured, such, cannot be easily correlated.

• Core product development using Scala, Kotlin.
• Working on solutions around Big Data projects using Streaming, CEP, Process Engines, Data
Virtualization, In-memory data processing and analytics, Distributed cache, Reduce
Implementation in the In-Memory Data Grid.
• Elasticsearch cluster scale design, tuning and Elastic Stack integration.
• Cloud Native Architecture migration using Kubernetes, Linkerd, Kong, GRPC and Etcd.
• Big Data research and integration strategies Hadoop Ecosystem (HBase, Apache Phoenix, HDFS,
Flume) and advanced Big Data Query Engine: Presto DB, Spark SQL and Hive.
• Streaming / Data Pipelining - Process Engine Integration: Kafka, Storm, Spark.
• R&D for Big Data performance enhancement using Apache Ignite, Infinispan, Hazelcast.
• JDBC Driver development research, JVM tuning, profiling, and monitoring.
• Working for (5 months) on enterprise client USA based. (Orlando, Florida, USA)
• Supporting management regarding technical strategical decisions and pre-sales meetings.

Bubble Interactive

Presse & Medien

Software Architect

April 2012 - Oktober 2013

A startup focused on solutions technology to the advertising market for digital-out-of-home advertising channel on transportation services.

Responsible for the architecture and actively participating in the IT operations decisions for the main project product company used in buses and trains.

50% time dedicated to hardware/software develoment in China.

HP Enterprise Services

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Senior Software Engineer (contractor)

Oktober 2011 - Mai 2012

Senior Software Engineer for the Project for CCEE (Chamber of Electric Energy Trading).

Votorantim Bank

Banken & Versicherungen

Senior Software Engineer (contractor during one year / full-time after)

Januar 2008 - Oktober 2011

Senior Software Engineer/Technical leader for the Credit Risk/Scoring Platform redesign project. Technical Coordination with offshore development teams.
Credit products /development for Votorantim Bank.

Panamericano Bank

Banken & Versicherungen

Software Engineer (contractor)

Januar 2007 - Februar 2008

Contractor Software Engineer, services integration team.
Technical specifications/modelling (UML) and review business specifications for external-contractor development teams.

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