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Philipp Hogg

Senior UX Designer

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Stuttgart

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  • Berufserfahrung 2-7 Jahre
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Standort und Mobilität

Stuttgart, Deutschland
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  • Stuttgart und im Umkreis von 50km


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Fähigkeiten (19)

Philipp in wenigen Worten

I have made my degree as an Interaction Designer B.A. at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and worked as a UX/UI Designer at Autoscout24 and HolidayCheck in Munich. My education and my professional experience in the online business taught me how to work in interdisciplinary teams and to make use of agile development methods. My experience as freelancer in Stuttgart showed me how web-technologies take action in the car industry (DaimlerAG via Intuity medialab, Porsche Digital).

My skill set includes structured conception of user interfaces and various tools to visualize my ideas like Sketch, Flinto, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Cinema 4D and as well as the programming languages HTML,CSS,JS(Jquery), Processing and Arduino.

I’m not allowed to show anything of my work but here are some old projects of my studies.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Philipp Hogg Interaction Designer

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

UX/UI/Visual Designer

Stuttgart, Deutschland

Februar 2017 - Heute (5 jahre und 3 monate)

After my employments in Munich I decided to give it try as freelancer in Stuttgart.
For the first Job I was hired by Intuity Media Lab to work on a connectivity project in the field of automotive (Daimler AG). We designed the interface of an web-application that communicates with the car and a mobile app. In form of wireframes and sitemaps we defined quickly the first user flows. These were built as prototypes and tested. In parallel the GUI was branded with the existing style guide. From the beginning we were in touch with the programmers to shape and specify components to ensure a fluent development process. Besides smaller projects I started last year to work for Porsche Digital. This is the digital daughter of Porsche which experiments with lifestyle and car topics. I design and style a lot of small mobile prototypes and screens so people can get a first impression of the idea.



UI Designer

München, Deutschland

Februar 2015 - September 2016 (1 jahr und 7 monate)

In my second job I worked as Ul Designer at HolidayCheck. This company is also structured by scrum. As I stepped into a working UI system at Autoscout24, in this company everything had to be defined from scratch. The platform has grown historically and the user interface had several generations of designs. So the challenge was to develop a uniform interface, which we realized one more time with the atomic design. That was a good chance to use the trained knowledge from my last job from the beginning. Besides the creation of a well structured UI guide, multi device capability was the big requirement for the new platform. It should become responsive to the viewports S (Smartphone), M (Tablet) and L (Desktop). There we focused on quick development of our first release, by starting with the smallest Viewport and choosing patterns which can fit all viewports under neglect to use the advantages of each device. So we created an MVP which delivered all main use cases to all devices. Besides this cross project topic I worked in two scrum teams which cover feature implementation for e-commerce and the HolidayCheck Forum.



UX Designer

München, Deutschland

Mai 2013 - September 2014 (1 jahr und 4 monate)

After my studies I started as a user experience designer at Autoscout24 in Munich. Similar to my studies iterative working was the key to success in the daily business. Scrum rules the development process and the organization of the company. As a UX Designer I was working on topics across projects as well as on topics belonging to scrum teams. As a part of two scrum teams I developed solutions together with the product manager in the ideation phase and delivered the basis for the estimation by the developers as design drafts. During the ideation we made use of methods for inspiration and user research. After the development of the MVP we took care of the online testing to get an idea of acceptance and usage of our new functions and to figure out further optimization tasks. In this way I learned how to implement new features step by step in a given environment. I worked in two scrum teams which are developing business to business features. Additionally as a part of the design team I was responsible for the style guide and other design topics across projects. One of my main activities was working in the UI optimization team, a cross functional team of designers and front end developers from all scrum teams. By this I got in touch with atomic design by Twitter’s Bootstrap for the first time and learned how to use patterns, which are based on each other, to implement and prioritize user flows within the interface.

German Cancer Research Center


Interaction Designer B.A. Thesis Student ,Assistance Researcher

Heidelberg, Deutschland

September 2012 - Februar 2013 (5 monate)

The topic of my bachelor thesis was the conception of the user interface for the MITK Workbench, a software platform developed by the MBI department (medical biological informatics) at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. The thesis was done in a team of two fellow students and me. The MBI is mainly dealing with filing and image processing of MRT (magnetic resonance tomograph) and CT scanner image series. The topics we worked on were filing and the segmentation (semi automatic creation of 3D visualizations of organs based on the image series). To make close collaboration with the developers possible, we worked on-site at their offices for a couple of days per week. Especially in the analysis period of the status quo and determination of the user needs it was very helpful to be close to our users and developers. At the beginning we learned how to use the software and visualized the architecture of the given user interface. At the user research we worked with collaborative methods and observed the users while using the software. After that we started developing solutions in rough drafts and discussed them with users and developers over and over in several iterations until the scope of functions and structure of the new interface was certain. The last step was giving the application the look and feel. Therefore we designed several variations to get an idea how it could look like. To present our outcome we made a written documentation, gave two presentations (one at the research center and one at our university) and made a website with animations and small prototypes.

Hochschule für Gestaltung

Bildung & E-Learning


Schwäbisch Gmünd, Deutschland

Februar 2012 - Juni 2012 (4 monate)



Kunst & Handwerk

Student Interaction Designer

Berlin, Deutschland

September 2011 - Juni 2012 (9 monate)

I gained my first professional experience during my internship at Whitevoid in Berlin. Whitevoid is a small office which is focused on exhibition design and product design. The offered products belong to the field of interactive communication systems and represent companies with usage of new media at international exhibitions. My tasks were designing 3D-visualisations for the pitches, fabricating and constructing the installations, conception of the intern project and the concept, design and development of the product website for Kinetic Lights.

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