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Paul Fournel

Data Scientist | Machine learning | Java Backend

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin, Berlin, Nuremberg, Sarrebruck

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Standort und Mobilität

Berlin, Deutschland
ist bereit beim Kunden vor Ort zu arbeiten
  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 50km
  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Nuremberg und im Umkreis von 100km
  • Sarrebruck und im Umkreis von 100km


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  • Logistik & Supply Chain
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  • Banken & Versicherungen
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  • Data Science
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  • NLP
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Paul in wenigen Worten

Hi, nice to meet you! I am Paul.

After many years working at Zalando, growing in the company from a Junior Java Developer to a Senior Data Scientist, I am now working as a Freelancer.

If you have the following needs, send me a private message. I am sure I can help you.

- Implementing Java or Python code
- Creating Data science models
- Implementing Big Data pipelines (ETL, Datalake)
- Designing algorithms
- Anything about logistics. After 6 years of experience, I consider myself as an expert.

Send me a message, I would be happy to hear about the chalenges your are facing.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung


Data Scientist

Oktober 2020 - Oktober 2020

Creation d'un module d'une formation pour Data Scientist. Le module est intitulé "Spark with Scala" et prepare les étudiants à l'implementation d'applications Spark écrites en Scala.


Data Scientist

September 2020 - Oktober 2020

Creation d'un module d'une formation pour Data Scientist. Le module est intitulé "Introduction to Scala" et prepare les étudiants à l'utilisation de Spark en Production.



Senior Research Scientist

Berlin, Allemagne

Januar 2018 - April 2020 (2 jahre und 3 monate)

As a Senior Research Scientist, I was responsible for building the architecture for Zalando's logistics algorithms. The data teams where organize to deliver production ready products. Therefore, I always consider algorithms and machine learning models in the perspective of improving the business.

The key product, I worked on was optimizing how the customer orders are processed together to improve the productivity of the warehouse. The first part of the project was to split a monolith into a micro service architecture to facilitate the creation of new algorithms. By doing this, we could introduce technologies such as Spark and Gurobi to help us create a new generation of logistics algorithms.

Zalando SE


Algorithmic Software Engineer

Berlin, Allemagne

September 2014 - Januar 2018 (3 jahre und 4 monate)

As an Algorithmic Software Engineer, I was responsible for:
- Understanding the business requirements and translate them into KPI and mathematical models.
- Design an algorithm that would optimize the KPIs.
- Build a software that could run the algorithms in production.

The key product I worked on, was relocating Zalando's stock in a predictive fashion in order to have "The right stuff at the right place". Mathematically speaking this was trying to solve a stochastic version of the news-vendor problem. We were able to solve the problem optimally because of a specific graph structure. We also developed a demand forecast prediction model using a variation of ARMA time series.

2 Aufträge auf Malt

(2 Meinungen)

Antoine - Jedha


Super expérience avec Paul. Très professionnel et efficace. Un véritable atout pour notre équipe

Antoine - Jedha


Paul est très à l'écoute, disponible et efficace ! A tel point que nous l'avons repris pour nous aider dans nos projets

Michael Moyal - Nevooa


Paul est un consultant professionnel et de confiance.

Mazen Melouk - Zalando SE


Paul ist seit 4 Jahren mein Kollege in Zalando. Ich habe viel von ihm gelernt, wenn es um analytisches Denken, Recherche, auch wie Software-Design und Modularisierung geht. Er ist begabt in Recherche und Datenanalyse, er liefert leicht verständliche Ergebnisse mit Grafiken und Tabellen. Er hat wesentlich zur Entwicklung wichtiger Algorithmen in Zalando bei der Entwicklung beigetragen. Paul ist: - meisterhaft mit den von ihm benutzten Software-Tools. - professionell mit R, Python und Java, Spark, Pandas und Numpy für die Datenwissenschaft. - erfahren mit Spring Framework, AWS für die Entwicklung von WebApps. - sehr eifrig und effizient mit Meilensteinen und Zeitmanagement. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Paul has been my colleague for 4 years in zalando. I learned a lot from him when it comes to analytical thinking, research also software design and modularisation. He is skilled at research and data analysis, he delivers easy to understand results with Graphs and tables. He was a main contributor for developing important algorithms in Zalando. He is masterful with the software tools he uses. He is professional with R, Python and Java, Spark, Pandas and numpy for data science. He is experienced with Spring framework, AWS for building web apps. Also very keen and efficient with milestones and time management

Salomé Santos - Zalando


I’ve worked with Paul at Zalando for many years and in different teams. Paul was a reliable colleague, a task that he took he saw it finished and looked for a good solution for it. He is driven by data results: over the years I saw him pushing for decisions to be made based on thorough investigations. Paul not only is an analytical person, but he is also quick to implement and his code is of good quality.

Roberto Trunfio - Appway AG


I had the pleasure to work with Paul for a couple of years while both working in Zalando SE, in the same team. Paul always shown a positive attitude, very oriented towards the problem solving. He was very keen to learn new technologies and apply the scientific method to any problem he had to tackle. Moreover, he proved to be able to face production issues with professionalism and pragmatism. For sure, his knowledge of Statistica and Data Science helped a lot when coming to new solutions for problems related to big data analysis and resource optimization. Last but not least, he was also a very nice person, always polite and friendly, bringing a positive mood in the team. In short, he is one of those that makes your daily worklife enjoyable even in the worst sistuation.

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