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Nistha Trehun
Event Management
  • Unverbindlicher Tarif
    800 € /Tag
  • Berufserfahrung3-7 Jahre
  • Antwortrate100 %
  • Antwortzeit1h
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Standort und Mobilität
Berlin, Germany
Ist bereit bei Ihnen im Büro zu arbeiten, in
  • Berlin und Umkreis (bis zu 50 km)
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Nistha in wenigen Worten
Nistha, the founder of The Kitty Party, is an Indian chef, corporate event planner from Berlin and online team-building event host. She is genuine and caring and wants to ensure every guest feels looked after be it a remote team building event or a corporate party.

She loves her work, and she is passionate about event organizing. She truly makes sure all events are catered to the customer’s needs. She is also a foodie and can dance all night without getting tired. She enjoys styling her food. She believes that food and dance are the best ways to liven up energy of any company event.

She also builds close and long-term relationships with everyone she works with. Nistha has an MBA in finance and IT and also topped her batch. Now she uses her business skills to organize events and parties for the biggest companies from all across the world. Definitely, she has a big crew to support from caterers to decorators.

She aims to expand and eventually become the most successful corporate event planner and host in Berlin and Beyond.

For your special day, we bring you the perfect setup where you can cherish the special moments with your team. Your team will have a memorable time in the cosy environment and share a great time.

We offer online events to bring together your geographically scattered teams. So your teams can have a great time from the comfort of their homes. We present you with a time of fun and laughter, deliciousness and dancing.

We arrange the best team-building events in the best location in Berlin. No matter what you choose to prepare - from our famous Indian Curry to our most liked Spices Drinks, we give you the top-notch kitchen to get creative with your team. Our music is sure to keep you grooving while cooking!

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