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Maximilian Lehmann

Renowned Mobile Growth Consultant

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Berlin

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Berlin, Deutschland
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  • Berlin und im Umkreis von 50km


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Maximilian in wenigen Worten

I am an app-marketing-native. As a specialist in App Store optimization, I have self-started MyFitFeed a fitness nutrition app (which me and my team grew from zero to 200.000 downloads without any marketing spending).
I have also worked for Asana Rebel, Arise, Pantaflix, Spotify, Kaufda and fußball.de, among others.

When I am working with marketing teams I am conveying the principles for app- and search-engine-optimization, App Marketing and Growth Hacking.

My current field of focus is Sustainability and Climate Change.
Where I am supporting this movement as good as I can with my expertise.
Imagine the mindset of a Cambridge Analytica applied to the emerging businesses in sustainability.

So if you need someone to coach your team to find the right marketing strategy who has a holistic mindset, a proven record in growth hacking digital products and who is able to implement rapidly, we should talk.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung


Soziale Netzwerke

Growth Hacking

Stockholm, Schweden

November 2019 - Heute

Supporting the first Social Network for Climate Action with Growth Hacking services.
Working together with founder Ingmar Rentzhog who is the man behind Greta Thunberg and FridaysForFuture.

Goal: 100m users and becoming the TripAdvisor (rating platform) for Climate action-takers and those who refuse to take action.
Supported fundraising with my network of impact investors.

Sustainable Growth Associates

Beratung & Audit

Growth Hacking Workshop

München, Deutschland

November 2019 - November 2019

Growth Hacking workshop to apply the principles of Growth Hacking to Sustainability Consultancy (https://www.sg-associates.eu/- BCorp certified)

The sustainability movement needs holistic marketing practices.
Inspiration: Cambridge Analytica uses Marketing as a form of manipulating people to choose badly (Trump, Brexit). Why not use these principles to energize the sustainability movement?!
Growth hacking Marketing Digital Marketing Workshop

The Mother Earth's Heroes Show


Podcast Host

August 2019 - Heute

My passion project.
After being fed up standing with a sign at the Climate strike in Germany, going to the Global Climate Strike in New York and experiencing the Climate Action Summit.

I started interviewing people that have solutions to the crisis and implement solutions in alignment to the Sustainable Development goals of the UN.

You can find the show here: (and on all podcast platforms)
Podcasting NGO Non-profit


Gesundheit & Wellness

Growth Hacking Consultant

Berlin, Deutschland

März 2019 - Juli 2019

The perfect training for everyone, everywhere.
That is the main value proposition of KERNWERK.

Together with the team, Florian Petri (CEO), Oliver Brunsmann (CTO), Sarah Steyer (Marketing Manager) we optimized KERNWERK holistically.
Establishing a stronger message, a better Positioning, better traction in the app stores and so on.

+ Stronger Positioning in the app stores
+ Implemented data-driven Mobile Analytics framework
+ Coaching for the team to embrace the Growth Hacking Mindset


Gesundheit & Wellness

Growth Hacking Consultant

Berlin, Deutschland

Februar 2018 - September 2019

Cosmiq is one of the first consciousness apps that follow a influencer-generated content strategy.
With leaders in personal development and consciousness like Tobias Beck, Laura Seiler and many more in the app, Cosmiq has impacted thousands of people to live a more vibrant life.

Some of the results:
+ Go-to market strategy with focus on influencer campaigns
+ eCPIs of less than 0,5€
+ Together with the team we created strong KPIs for fund raising


Gesundheit & Wellness

CEO, Co-Founder

Berlin, Deutschland

Februar 2017 - Dezember 2018

Grew MyFitFeed to +200.000 downloads.
Ranked in the Top 15 for Health & Fitness in Germany.
Implemented the first AI for fitness nutrition to create personalized meal plans (before Freeletics Nutrition & Runtastic)
Founding partners: Daniel Schermer (personal trainer and nutrition coach) & Ben Denger (CTO)


Unterhaltung & Freizeit

Growth Hacking Consultant & Advisor

Berlin, Deutschland

Mai 2017 - Juli 2018

Together with Head of Marketing Tobias Schulze Darup and Performance Lead Sofia Oberhoff we set the foundation for Growth of Netflix competitor PANTAFLIX.
Challenges were an expat ASO strategy, multi-channel tracking and attribution, mobile analytics and using the data for growth related experiments.

Results (case study below):
+ 263% organic uplift (more than 2 new organic users for every paid user)
+ more than 30 top 10 rankings for highly relevant search queries
+ Marketing team embraced data-and experiment-driven growth mindset

For more, see:



Growth Consulting

Berlin, Deutschland

Januar 2017 - Januar 2017

Consulting and preparation of CRO experiments to increase their Organic Uplift with Head of Performance Marketing Christian Rissmann
ASO Conversion-Rate Optimization Growth Hacking Consulting

Asana Rebel

Gesundheit & Wellness

ASO and App Marketing Coaching

Berlin, Deutschland

September 2018 - Oktober 2018

Together with the founders Robin Pratap and Pascal Klein we determined their status quo and implemented the ASO cycle to their business creating the foundation for their initial success in the app stores.


Gesundheit & Wellness

ASO Coaching

Berlin, Deutschland

Juni 2017 - Juli 2017

Together with the founder Felix Frauendorf we determined their status quo and implemented the ASO cycle to their business reaching now +100.000 users in the stores


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Growth Hacking Workshop

Berlin, Deutschland

November 2016 - November 2016

Together with the founders of Berlins first Growth Hacking Agency for apps - Phiture.


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

App Store Optimierung und Online Marketing

Berlin, Deutschland

Oktober 2014 - Juli 2015

Vom Trainee zum Verantwortlichen für einige der wichtigsten Accounts rundum App Marketing

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