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Martin Vielsmaier

Backend | Web | DevOps Expert

Remote aus Cham

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Standort und Mobilität

Cham, Deutschland
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1 bis 3 Monate
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Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting
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Martin in wenigen Worten

My name is Martin Vielsmaier. I work as an independent software developer in southern Germany & remote. My main focus of expertise and interest is in backend technologies. I speak both German and English.

I can help companies on different levels:
  • If you have a strong team with good practices I can just pitch in to get more things done.
  • If your team lacks some skills or practices (DevOps, TDD, Architecture or OOP), I can help establish those.
  • If you don't have a team and work with an agency, I can be your technical advisor to ensure you get the most out their work.

I have several years of experience in building software solutions for various problems using a wide range of technologies. I have used Ruby, Python, Scala and Java in backend systems and some flavors of languages compiling to Javascript (and JS itself of course) in UIs. In most projects UIs were made of web technologies, but I also worked with Swing and Android. On the database side, I have mainly worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB and Google BigQuery. I also have solid experience with both SOLR and Elastic Search.

Another part of my work spanned activities around build, testing, integration, deployment and operations of the systems I built (aka DevOps). In this area I worked with several testing frameworks, CI tools and deployment options: RSpec, Cucumber, Selenium, nosetest, pytest, Jenkins, Cirle CI, Travis CI, dedicated Linux servers /w automatic provisioning, AWS (EC2, RDS, Cloudformation, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalks, ECS, CDK, EKS), Docker and Kubernetes.

Have a look at my full project portfolio here: moserei.de/hire.html
See this page for legal info (Imprint/Impressum): moserei.de/imprint.html

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung



Backend Developer

März 2021 - Juli 2021 (4 monate)

Built the backend for an internal test management application. A main challenge was the implementation of a event-sourcing storage that supports branching & merges.
Python PostgreSQL FastAPI SQLAlchemy Event-Sourcing Kubernetes



Head of Engineering

München, Deutschland

Januar 2019 - November 2019 (10 monate)

At Alasco, after 6 months of freelance consulting, I took over the role of Head of Engineering. I was responsible for both processes around software development and software architecture of the Alasco application.



Backend Developer

Mai 2018 - September 2019 (1 jahr und 4 monate)

Built the backend & infrastructure for a MVP web application.




München, Deutschland

August 2017 - Oktober 2017 (2 monate)

Helped building the prototype for a IoT sensor module which will be deployed on street lamps and collect radar data about traffic. Main responsibilities in the project was to coach people around Python 3, do code review & pitch in during time of approaching deadlines.


Bildung & E-Learning


Juni 2017 - Mai 2018 (11 monate)

Building a prototype for a web application (SaaS) for competence profiles & personal development.


Mode & Kosmetik

Lead Backend Developer

München, Deutschland

Februar 2014 - Juni 2017 (3 jahre und 4 monate)

My team took over the responsibilities for on-site search data and product relevance calculations. We created a service layer between the search engine and consumer teams (Website/Mobile apps) and moved product ranking functionality from daily processes to a on-request basis.
Python Scala Amazon Web Services Flask PostgreSQL Solr Google BigQuery Docker



Backend Developer

Passau, Deutschland

Oktober 2012 - Januar 2014 (1 jahr und 3 monate)

I worked as a software developer in a Scrum team (distributed between Passau and Berlin) on the main product, a SEA campaign management tool. My responsibilities included (mostly backend) feature development, support for internal users and the setup of the CI pipeline.

Siemens VDO - Siemens


Auszubildender FIAE

Regensburg, Deutschland

September 2004 - August 2007 (2 jahre und 11 monate)

C# .NET Oracle Forms Windows Administration

Lorenz Gruber - eluminocity


Working together with Martin at Eluminocity GmbH was great for us. He helped us setup the software components that allowed us to communicate with our street lamp sensors all over the world. Also the teaching from his side and the documentation helped us long after his freelance contract ended. I can highly recommend Martin.

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