Mark Dalby

interim cto & head of product

Berlin, Deutschland

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Mark in wenigen Worten

I am an ambitious IT Professional with a passion for new and emerging technologies. I specialize in e-commerce systems and advocate both data-driven and LEAN development methodologies.

To find out more about me and the projects that I have worked on, please take a look at my LinkedIN profile here: (markdalbyuk)


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Februar 2014 - April 2019 | Manchester, Vereinigtes Königreich


Zimo Communications Ltd

Technical Director

Nexbridge provides high volume telecoms services to call centres and other communications providers.
With hardware hosted in multiple UK data centres, Nexbridge offers interconnection to several Tier 1 carriers, including BT IPX, Verizon, Gamma and Colt. We host our own number ranges along with those of our clients, providing a softswitch partition service as part of our Teleswitch solution.

Nexbridge has driven significant increases in call centre contact rates through its innovative Dial Sure service. Dial Sure localises CLI to present a telephone number which is familiar to the called party and has fully automated the CLI lookup and matching process - even at the very high volumes of calls per second required by diallers used in today's contact centres.

Nexbridge also operates the popular 03TALK voice conferencing service which offers genuinely free conference calls to UK businesses. By providing access via an 03 number.

Duties Included:

  • The design, development, implementation, testing and ongoing support of a highly innovative and mission-critical carrier grade telecoms network.
  • Growing the network 500% and migrating from ISDN to SIP
  • Preparing due diligence metrics for the eventual sale of Zimo Communications.
  • Lead developer on a carrier grade billing system capable of processing hundreds of millions of transactions a month.
  • Nurturing relationships with suppliers such as Dell, HP and Digium to secure ongoing discounts (40% in some cases) on hardware and software licences.
  • Ensuring PCI and regulatory compliance standards across our entire network (and sometimes other people's.)
  • Sales support for the sales team.

Software Used:

  • Object Orientated PHP5
  • RabbitMQ
  • Asterisk / OpenSIPS
  • MySQL Cluster
  • Nagios / OpenNMS / PRTG
  • Cisco IOS
Februar 2014 - Januar 2019 | Berlin, Deutschland


Mornin' Glory GmbH

CTO / Head of Product

Mornin’ Glory is a disruptive online brand for male grooming products. We started at the end of 2012 as a subscription service for razor blades and have since pursued our vision of providing regular guys with affordable, high-quality grooming products.

In my role as CTO, I have transitioned Mornin' Glory from a simple 2 product MVP to a scalable web platform capable of handling prime time TV traffic and shipping to over 40 countries.

Key Achievements:

  • Launched a retail platform that processed 6 figure revenues in its first operational year.
  • Developed a warehouse system in 4 weeks that has fulfilled over a million orders split over 40 countries.
  • Transitioned from a subscription only to a subscription/transactional hybrid model.
  • Worked closely with our marketing and product teams to develop BI systems that played an integral part in reducing our CAC by over 80% and increasing our conversion rates by over 200%.
  • Owned the technical roadmap and implemented continuous integration and SCUM workflows.
  • By advocating data-driven development throughout the business I was able to achieve the above with an extremely lean team.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP7
  • Symfony3/4
  • Jscript (CAB)
  • DynamoDB / CouchDB / Memcached
  • Haproxy
  • AWS
  • MySQL7 / Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • Jenkins / Gitlab / Ansible
Januar 2019 - Heute | Berlin, Deutschland

Banken & Versicherungen

Vantik Gmbh


Vantik is Europe’s first mobile retirement savings account. It is 100% flexible and can be set up and managed completely on a smartphone. We are a Berlin-based startup and we were founded in 2017 by the former BCG partner and UBS-banker Til Klein, and Lara Hämmerle.

My role as COO is to work with the team and lay a solid foundation on which we can ensure future growth.

Ausbildung & Abschlüsse

  • 10 x GCSE Qualifications

    Glossopdale Community College



  • Englisch

    Fließend/ Muttersprache

  • Deutsch


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