Madeline Marchel

Online Marketing Manager

Berlin, Deutschland

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Madeline in wenigen Worten

I’m an innovative, customer-obsessed marketing generalist and my winning model is ‘focus on the user and all else will follow’.

For the past 5 years, I have applied myself across a diverse range of projects, shaping skills in digital strategy, growth marketing, user insights and analytics, product marketing, brand development and product management.
This has placed me at a unique crossroads for orchestrating the strategic pursuit of growth and innovation in a time-poor, content-hungry, connected world.

I have a healthy obsession with uncompromising quality. My ideal work is a tasty mix of strategy, data, user research and execution through the complex flows of a user’s digital life across many touchpoints.
I believe there’s always a better way of doing things and we just need to figure out how the constant “what else we can do” feeling is what gets me excited about tech.

I’ve worked as both client and agency lead dealing with over 30 companies ranging from corporations, start-ups, non-profit organisations to local businesses and have managed projects in the EU and US.

Credit to my diverse experiences, my specialities include product launch and market positioning, integrated marketing strategy development and analysis, marketing operations development, cross-functional team management and creative production. My super-power is identifying talent and creating a culture of results while promoting a fun team atmosphere.


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