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Ljubomir Obrenovic

senior software engineer tester/developer

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: München, Munich

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Standort und Mobilität

München, Deutschland
ist bereit beim Kunden vor Ort zu arbeiten
  • München und im Umkreis von 50km
  • Munich und im Umkreis von 20km


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Fähigkeiten (21)

Ljubomir in wenigen Worten

Solution-driven and results-oriented software engineering consultant, mainframe and embedded software and system tester/developer with extensive experience and robust expertise in quality assurance for advanced business developments │ Integration and Test specialist with proven track record of accomplishment in design and implementing of agile testing methodology, self-motivated with strongly positive working attitude for fast paced working environments │ Extraordinary qualified expert in the rapidly growing Electronics Systems for Railway Applications (ESRA) arena - the big little brother of automotive industry by all means │ Practically conversant with ISTQB test management fundamentals and techniques │ Knowledgable about how to define, implement, run and evaluate test cases in HPQC/ALM, raise and track defects │ Supremely skilled team player in managing technical inefficiencies and issues in a resourceful and innovative manner │ Fluent in English and German, spoken and written.
Strong experience in White/Black Box Integration and Test (W/BBIT), ASCET and CODESYS software modelling of Railway ESRA BCU applications, Unit/Component/Functional automated test, OS kernel and application level Debugging, release and regression test of HSPA UMTS/W-CDMA and LTE embedded mobile network SW │ Instrumental in User Acceptance (UAT) and End-to-End (E2E) testing, system analysis and test specification of multi-tier electronic data processing systems in banking and e-Commerce line of business │ Proficient in Perl scripting for version control triggers, documentaion and steering the test automation.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Knorr-Bremse SfS GmbH


Software Engineer Tester/Developer Consultant - ESRA Brake Control Unit

Munich, Germany

Juli 2008 - Mai 2019 (10 jahre und 10 monate)

Account for test specification, implementing and execution of the W/BBIT release/regression tests and evaluation of the test results in accordance to SW requirements specification in automated proprietary KEAT environment │ Efficiently conduct ESRA Launcher Unit/Module Test of Brake Control Unit (BCU) SW │ Execute manual HiL SW I&T and measurement of I/O variables with Service Terminal │ Competently sustain comprehensive tracking process of all test deviations using Merant Tracker and JIRA tracking tools │ Successfully carry out ASCET and CODESYS modelling, C and target code generation │ Programme, launch and steer automated FEAT (Front End for Automated Test) test sequences on ESRA Test-Bench/HiL-Simulation platform for metro, regional and high speed trains │ Thrive in Agile development/test environment including CODESYS/Workbench, Jenkins, Quality Gate, PTC Integrity, CANoe/CANalyzer.
Key Accomplishments
  • Diligently share extensive experience to the advancement and certification of the forerunner generation of ESRA Evolution HDLC/MVB Platform - cutting edge Integrated Brake Control (IBC)
  • Design, implement and assess manual and automated tests, formulate the test plan and strategy for complete coverage of the functional requirements.
  • Create and check into SVN and Serena PVCS complete integration and test documentation including specifications and reports, implement software release protocols according to internal/external, TUEV and other regulatory authorities’ standards for safety compliance.
I&T Debugging Automated Test ASCET CodeSys/Workbench HiL-Sumulator Unit/Module Test Jenkins CANoe/CANalyzer PTC Integrity LMS SVN

Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co. Kg - Siemens


Software Engineer Tester/Developer Consultant –LTE and UMTS Software Test

Ulm, Germany

Januar 2008 - Juli 2008 (6 monate)

Define Scope Of Work (SOW), specify, implement and execute release/regression test cases of LTE L2/L3 software components in Eclipse/TTCN-3 and XML framework │ Utilize extensive experience in UMTS/W-CDMA, HSPA and 3GPP specifications and standards to integrate and test SW components based on UML models and use cases │ Design and code test cases in Perl │ Programme in Java/JEE for software test automation in Eclipse IDE on Red Hat Linux, create and execute JUnit test.
Key Accomplishments
  • Efficiently manage XML configuration, test data creation and report assessment, simulation through LTE L2/L3 and UMTS/W-CDMA protocol stack access points and interfaces
  • Expertly develop and improve test applications for software test systems, carry out automated test cases.
Java/JEE JUnit XML Perl Eclipse IDE UML Red Hat Linux TTCN-3 LTE UMTS

Siemens AG - Siemens


Software Engineer Tester Consultant – UMTS Software Test

Ulm, Deutschland

Januar 2003 - Dezember 2007 (4 jahre und 11 monate)

Specify, programme in Perl and execute UMTS/W-CDMA WBIT test cases │ Design and implement in Perl TCP/IP IPC interface in order to dynamically steer/configure test scripts │ Assure base station NodeB 3GPP software quality via Conformance Model Test throughout releases Rel99 to HSDPA/HSUPA │ Profoundly perform test vector generation in MATLAB, test data assembly and results evaluation │ Execute Control and User Plane simulation, test suite XML configuration, fault tracking, change request management and version control in Rational ClearCase.
Key Accomplishments
  • Develop and employ automated agile testing approaches and methodology, coordinate with management and test team to establish proactive ongoing operating practices.
  • Achieve high test coverage and yield of test procedures in fast paced environment
  • Efficiently employ Perl scripting in Apache Server architecture to plan, design, and test web-based MMI/HTML application.

Siemens AG - Siemens


Software Engineer Consultant – UMTS/Basestation Software Build Management

Ulm, Germany

März 2001 - Juli 2003 (2 jahre und 3 monate)

Design, programme and deploy Perl scripts for Rational ClearCase triggers on Solaris in order to safeguard project deliverables │ Analyze C++ source code for conformance to and implementation of Programming Guidelines │ Implement and supervise FlexeLint coding rules, design and implement software product Documentation Guidelines via Doxygen/Perl tooling.
Key Accomplishments
  • Supervise efficiently team adherence to software product build guidelines
  • Thrive competently to secure and protect ClearCase repository of project targets
C++ Perl SNiFF+ IDE Rational ClearCase Doxygen SunOS Solaris FlexeLint

BCE Emergis Inc.

Banken & Versicherungen

Senior Software Engineer– Software Development and Test in e-Commerce, POS retail & ATM Banking, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

Toronto, Canada

November 1997 - Mai 2001 (3 jahre und 6 monate)

Comprehend Host-to-Host multi-tier Client/Server systems │ Interact with clients in order to deliver consistent software requirements and specification documents │ Develop and deploy C++ Communication Interface Manager application, query NonStop SQL application data │ Model Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams, re-factor in Rational Rose C++ │ Design, programme and test custom Front-End and Back-End Communication Interface applications using C, Embedded Sybase SQL/C, TCP/IP, X.25 and SNA LU 6.2/2.0 protocols on Tandem NSK │ Implement POS/ATM change requests in COBOL and Assembler, conduct UAT and E2E test.
Key Accomplishments
  • Achieve balanced RDBMS/IPC transaction atomicity and reduced system downtime in Host-to-Host On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) of mission critical financial applications.
  • Optimize successfully enterprise communications in proprietary three-tier EDI line of business environment.
  • Accomplish lower processing times through communicaton interface solutions in transaction processing of Dental and Drug claims
C++ Sybase SQL Embedded SQL/C UAT/E2E Test Rational Rose C++ TCP/IP X.25 SNA Compaq/Tandem NSK NonStop SQL

Ositech Communications Inc.


Software Engineer– Software Test Bed Implementation in mass production of PCMCIA cards

Guelph, Canada

November 1996 - November 1997 (1 jahr)

Programme MAC/LLC layers of 10BaseT and 100BaseT Ethernet interfaces │ Develop low level Assembler/C/WinNT test drivers for embedded PCI-to-PCMCIA, UART 16550 and Ethernet programming interfaces and chipsets │ Ascertain problems and fix bugs through Soft-ICE Kernel Mode Debugger.
Key Accomplishments
  • Contribute to significantly higher company profits by delivering components of PCMCIA diagnostic and test bed software to OEM partners
  • Achieve remarkable test coverage and thruput for functional performance verification of PCMCIA Ethernet cards by developing, testing and maintaining MS Visual C++/WinSock Echo Server application
Low-Level driver embedded c Soft-ice kernel debugging PCI/PCMCIA Schnittstelle Ethernet MAC/LLC 10BaseT/100BaseT UART 16550

Lola R&D Institute


Software Engineer Developer/Tester Consultant – Industrial Embedded PLC/CNC Manufacturing

Belgrade, Serbia

Januar 1988 - Juni 1995 (7 jahre und 5 monate)

Develop and test Test & Measurement automation software running on Host/GPIB controller, programme remotely high-end HP digital Logic Analyzers, Osciloscopes and Pattern Generators, design for testability and in-circuit test, implement HDLC PLC/CNC networking drivers
Entwicklung Debugging Test C++ HP QuickBasic HP-UX/HP3000 IEEE 488 HPIB/GPIB Vxi32 Testability in-circuit test

Milan Blagojevic - Giesecke+Devrient


Several years ago I have joined a project where Ljubomir was already established team member. He helped me a lot to quickly and seamlessly get on the fast track with performing my daily tasks. His coaching skills, high level of technical competence and friendly assistance every step of the way made my own career progress in the right direction. Apart from that he thrived successfully by delivering great results of his own project assignments in the domain of his responsibilities and beyond. Not only with me did he get very kindly and friendly along, with other team members just as well. We have timely and efficiently together seen through a few more challenging projects in the row within the same company. Those are only a few reasons I would recommend Ljubomir for any advanced level project in the future.

Bernhard David - Knorr Bremse


"Ljubomir was my fellow colleague during the past two years in a challenging last generation railway electronics engineering software project. I have witnessed first hand his friendly and helpful approach to other team members including myself, diligent and highly motivated work habits, positive attitude and professionally sharing project goals. His skills and competence greatly improved our time and overall effort efficiency as a team in delivering demanded performances from the project management. I would like to recommend him truly and fully for each and every company’s business endeavour."

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