Jens Walter

Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Moves to München, München, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Köln

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München, Deutschland
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  • München und im Umkreis von 50km
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  • Hamburg und im Umkreis von 100km
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Certified Senior Cloud Architect - Designing cost-effective serverless solutions with service security, data protection, compliance and scalability in mind.

- matching best of bread cloud solutions with customer requirements
- approaching data integration through API-first microservices to design flexible solutions for observability, resiliency, portability
- transforming an on-premise software into a self-service SaaS offering
- building serverless APIs to provide connectivity to business partners (B2B) as well as customers (B2C)

Throughout my career, I supported clients within various industry sectors like Logistics, Finance and Trading, Retail, Energy, and Telecommunications.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

API Meister Consulting GmbH


Full Stack Developer

Berlin, Deutschland

Juli 2018 - Mai 2019
Callable is a SaaS project which aims to provide a serverless integration for SAP systems.
It provides OpenAPI access to any SAP-based system through SAP-native mechanisms (SAP JCO). Through the transformation from SAP JCO types into restful interfaces, interacting with such systems is opened to a much broader audience. This system is completely built on serverless components to keep the offset cost at a bare minimum. The licensing also follows a pay-per-use model.


Logistik & Supply Chain

Solution Architect / Full Stack Developer

Hamburg, Deutschland

Oktober 2017 - Juni 2018

Provide public API for the internal booking system
Exposing previously private interfaces to business partners, which allows them to request the necessary information to streamline the booking process. Those interfaces include schedule and routing information required for a decision making on the actual freight forwarder.
The project decided to implement this in the form of a public API within the AWS ecosystem.
AWS API Gateway was chosen to provide a secured endpoint.
AWS Lambda was chosen to implement a transformation into internal formats and routing into the company DMZ.
The On-premise stack consisted of a TIBCO ESB which we connected to AWS Lambda to transport the information to the backend.


Logistik & Supply Chain

Solution Architect

Hamburg, Deutschland

Januar 2019 - Heute

Provide a regionally distributed API Gateway
Due to the current service landscape of the customer, we found that most commercially available API gateways are not prepared to provide its functionality across multiple regions/continents within a consolidated environment. Therefore we initiated this project to provide a basic API gateway (as a layered architecture) to provide API functionality internally as well as expose a certain subset publicly. All this was created on top of an existing ESB architecture, which also provided basic building blocks for deployment and monitoring.

Faiz & Siegeln GmbH

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Solution Architect

Essen, Deutschland

Juni 2012 - Juli 2016

nJAMS - not just another monitoring solution
Provide a monitoring software which integrates seamlessly into the TIBCO ecosystem (EMS, BW, AMX) to provide full end to end visibility of the running business processes. To achieve this, nJAMS inspects all payloads and transforms these into actionable log entries. Business rules can be applied to this dataset to further enhance the solution through third-party systems (ticket systems, operations dashboards).
  • J2EE
  • observability


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