Ivan B.

software engineer and architect, .net, fullstack

Stuttgart, Deutschland

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Ivan in wenigen Worten

Software engineer with over 10 years of experience in implementing and delivering high quality software in various branches around the world. I have strong mathematical and algorithmical background which helps me to work efficiently and deliver efficient solutions. I like to solve challenging tasks, design elegant solutions, optimize routine, learn and share my knowledge.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

November 2018 - Heute



Co-Founder, CEO, Tech Lead

Architected a SaaS system to automate reporting of the sales taxes to German Tax Authority. Integrated Elster API.
Technologies used: AspNet Core, ERIC (Elster Client), P-Invoke, Kubernetes, HELM, scaffold, Rancher, Azure, VueJS, NodeJs
Januar 2015 - Mai 2019 | Wernau, Deutschland

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Steinpilz GbmH

Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer and Architect

Led the development team. Designed and implemented company’s development processes. Introduced new dev tools and common libraries (like own ORM) to increase development speed in a very restrictive enterprise environment. Built an international team of developers and qa engineers which increased overall output for company’s main client. Implemented 10+ projects using .net/js. Introduced modern Frameworks and Tools for legacy projects. Created an ecosystem to share common functionality across multiple projects. Set up the infrastructure and Continuous Delivery. Took over the Application Architect role from Daimler internal team and introduced new technology vision for future projects including web and cloud. Acquired two clients for the company and worked as a consultant software engineer for them.
Technologies used: .Net, .Net Core, MS Sql Server, Dapper, NHibernate, Asp.Net WebApi, AspNet Core, TDD, CQRS, DDD, Typescript, Aurelia, WebPack, WinCE, Compact Framework, F#, FAKE, Telerik JustMock, ServiceStack, Swagger, xUnit, AutoFixture, NSubstitute, WCF, WPF, WinForms, OpenCV, Tesseract, Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Kubernetes, Azure, Sharepoint, Lucene.NET, GitLab CI, Linux, nginx
September 2013 - Dezember 2014 | Minsk, Weißrussland

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting


Team Lead, Software Engineer

Led a small dev team responsible for one of the Paralect’s client. Implemented core features for 3 projects in Printing and E-Commerce industry using ASP.NET MVC. Got started with Ruby on Rails and opened a new tech department alongside with bringing several new projects into the company. Implemented various features using Ruby on Rails on different enterprise projects.
Technologies used: .Net, Asp.Net MVC 4, jQuery, Moq, StructureMap, RavenDB, ServiceStack, RabbitMQ, Microsoft GP, knockout.js, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Ruby On Rails, Capistrano, Postgresql, sidekiq, dokku, Jenkins
Dezember 2011 - August 2013 | Minsk, Weißrussland


Millhouse 1889 LLC

Software Engineer

Implemented multiple features (FullStack) for company’s SaaS product RoofIS. Integrated externalservices. Introduced and integrated AngularJS as frontend framework. Quickly grew to an architect and designed side projects for the whole ecosystem.
Technologies used: C#, Javascript, Xaml, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 3, jQuery, T-SQL,.Net Framework 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, Entity Framework 5.0, Silverlight, Silverlight Toolkit, WCF, PostSharp, AppFabric Caching Services, Lucene.NET, Rhino.ServiceBus, MSMQ, Moq, Unity container, Aspose.Words, Izenda reporting, GDI, AngularJS, Team City
Juli 2011 - Juli 2012



Software Engineer

Created 2 WinPhone7 apps.
Technologies used: C#, Silverlight, WP7, Caliburn.Micro, MVVM
  • c#
  • silverlight
  • WP7
  • Caliburn.Micro
  • Sterling Db
Oktober 2010 - Mai 2011 | Minsk, Weißrussland

Banken & Versicherungen

System Technologies

Software Engineer

Developed UI and Backend business logic for a product in banking sector. Introduced and implemented internal tool to visualize complex finance operations.
Technologies used: C++ with MFC, Sybase, WPF
Februar 2010 - Dezember 2011 | Minsk, Weißrussland


ACS Informatik GmbH

Software Engineer

Optimized search algorithms for company’s main product q.address (language-specific failure tolerant search engine). Introduced Perfect Hashing algorithms. Integrated q.address to Dynamics CRM. Ported few asmx services to the Mono platform.
Technologies used: C++, .Net, WCF, Dynamics CRM, Mono

Ausbildung & Abschlüsse

  • B.S. in Math and Computer Science

    Belarussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics



  • Russisch

    Fließend/ Muttersprache

  • Englisch


  • Deutsch


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