Edele G.

Agile Coach / Scrum Master / Kanban Coach

Remote from Berlin

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Berlin, Germany
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Enthusiastic Agile and Lean Coach, with over 7 years experience. Supporting teams to inspect and adapt how they work together and helping them to deliver better products and services is what really drives me.

I use a blended approach, taking inspiration from both Agile and Lean mindsets to support the people I work with in the best way possible. I’m incredibly compassionate and work in a way for teams to realise that agile practices are something valuable for them, and not just something management have decided to do.

I really bring an energy to facilitating workshops, helping them to be as engaging and productive as possible. Some of the workshops I really enjoy facilitating include project kick-offs, value stream mapping, user story mapping and the various Agile and Scrum events.

I started off my career as a programmer before transitioning to a Scrum Master and Agile Coach role. Plus I’ve also worked as a Product Owner, so I completely relate to the challenges they face too.

I have coached many tech teams, but also finance and HR departments, and businesses that you wouldn’t usually expect to find agile - such as real estate agencies, insurance brokerages and even fitness centres! I believe every type of company can enhance their business agility, so if that sounds like you, please reach out to me so we can start our journey together.


Projekt- und Berufserfahrung



Agile Coach and Product Manager

Juni 2020 - Heute

Remote role for US-based client with distributed developers across Europe and US

- Gathering requirements and translating into different levels of User Stories
- Creating and managing Product Backlog
- Facilitating workshops including value stream mapping and user story walkthroughs to help with release planning
- Defining scope of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), using MoSCoW prioritisation
- Coaching Development Team who were new to agile practices, using a blend of practices from Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming
- Setting up the workflow in Trello, adjusting WIP limits as required and helping the team to overcome impediments to progress
- Setting up and monitoring metrics to help the development team understand their capacity and delivery rate
- Acting as Bridge between stakeholders and developers to clarify requests, and to incorporate changes into the product increment
- Facilitating weekly product demos, retrospectives and iteration planning events

A&W Insurance

Banken & Versicherungen

Lean Startup Consultant

Juni 2020 - Juli 2020

Consulting for a small insurance brokerage who wanted help to improve transparency and custom value

- Facilitated value stream mapping workshop to help visualise where wasteful activities were happening
- Worked with stakeholders to create and implement a plan to reach their desired VSM state
- Provided advice on, and set up a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to capture leads and allow the client to visualise all steps of lead conversion right through to managing existing client accounts
- Set up the integration from the CRM to Trello to make it easier for all insurance brokers to track progress

Agile with Edele

Bildung & E-Learning


Berlin, Germany

August 2018 - Heute

I created my own sole-proprietorship to create short 10-15 minute animated videos to cover the concepts of agile and lean - without the jargon.

Since COVID-19 I have been focussing on freelancing, which has resulted in me shutting down the e-learning site as I simply don’t have time to keep producing new educational videos.

Awin Global

Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Agile Coach / Lean Delivery Agent

Berlin, Germany

Januar 2017 - August 2018

• Agile Coach for distributed teams across several offices.
• Applying practices from both agile and lean philosophies to assist teams to improve their workflow and deliver better value to their stakeholders and customers.
• Helping teams outside of the tech department to understand and apply agile practices, including the finance department
• Facilitating workshops - utilising techniques squad health checks and lift- off sessions to identify roles and responsibilities; team working agreements and interaction maps to identify critical communication channels between teams, and user story mapping to help with roadmap planning and setting expectations
• Supporting teams with incident and crisis management. Using the ITIL v3 framework as guidance to help teams focus on resolving issues, and facilitating post-mortem workshops to reflect on major outages and to help the team learn from these to make our product more resilient
• Liaising with internal stakeholders and helping to set expectations when outages happen
• Helping teams create and refine their JIRA and Confluence workflows, administering boards and installing new add-ons where multiple teams can benefit, and providing general admin support
• Helping teams set up and experiment with new technologies, including tools to support remote retrospectives and daily stand-ups
• Coaching Product Managers and Product Owners with requirements gathering and cost/ value analysis as well as mentoring those new to the role to help them gain insights into the lean and agile mindset
• Hosting product showcases with internal stakeholders across the entire organisation
• Using metrics including lead and cycle time to assist with forecasting and planning milestones
• Involved in the hiring process of new developers and agile coaches - from initial CV screening to final interviews
• Created initiatives, such as monthly tech lunches and quarterly hackathons, to foster creativity and team building across distributed engineering teams

University of Kent

Bildung & E-Learning

Agile Coach / Scrum Master

Canterbury, United Kingdom

Februar 2014 - Dezember 2016


Digitalagenturen & IT-Consulting

Scrum Master / Business Intelligence developer

Bracknell, United Kingdom

März 2013 - Dezember 2013

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