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Delphine Cassereau

Operations Manager for Efficiency

Remote aus Berne

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Berne, Suisse
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Delphine in wenigen Worten

Hi, I'm an Operational Consultant specializing in Efficiency and Digital Transformation based in Bern, Switzerland. Here's what I can do for you:

• Manage operational processes, including policies and communications: I leverage my experience and skills to deliver efficiency and quality improvements ensuring innovation while reducing costs. As IBM Project Manager and now Freelance Consultant, I regularly assess my clients’ challenges, document their processes and implement practical solutions to help them grow by streamlining communication, standardizing workflow, automating systems and rolling out collaborative tools.

• Collaborate with high-level team members and various departments of your organization: As part of the Raphael Rowe Foundation, I play a decisive role of coordinating donations and provision of services between governments, prison institutions, local authorities, NGOs and large corporations, which makes me comfortable interacting with many different stakeholders. As a Freelance Consultant, I work in close collaboration with business cofounders to understand their ambitions and solve their most pressing needs and challenges.

• Oversee budgets and implement cost-saving initiatives: As Account Manager for IBM to the NATO CMRE and for each project with the Center, I created and closely tracked budgets related to work hours, travels, tools and software to ensure the project success. In both my charitable missions as Head of Operations for the Foundation and my support to business owners, I am obsessed with financial efficiency: ensuring maximum impact with minimum resources.

After 5 years of experience in Operations in very different environments, from the bureaucratic and complex IBM and NATO organizations, being independent and running my own business, to launching and growing a charity from scratch, I have a strong track record of successes leading cross-functional teams in the pursuit of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Raphael Rowe Foundation

Head of Operations  - Als Freelancer

London, UK

März 2020 - Heute (2 Jahre und 6 Monate)

The Raphael Rowe Foundation aims at ending dehumanization of people in prison and build safer societies.
•I manage the Foundation's internal processes and coordinate the delivery of charitable missions with government and prison institutions, local authorities, NGOs and corporations.

The Art of Business Efficiency

Freelance Consultant & Business Owner  - Als Freelancer

Brussels, Belgium

Januar 2020 - Heute (2 Jahre und 8 Monate)

I help freelancers and small businesses in their financial, administrative and operational set up and implement solutions to improve their efficiency and grow a sustainable business.
•As part of the Freelance Business Community, I provide masterclasses to European freelancers.

IBM - IBM Group

Project Manager & Executive Assistant for NATO Account

Brussels, Belgium

Januar 2018 - Januar 2020 (2 Jahre)

Support of the Executive Partner in the growth of the IBM NATO Account, internal workflow standardization by documenting processes, business and partnerships development
•Project and Proposal Management: IT solutions implementation, project planning, team management, administrative handling, cost case and price, budget management
•Staffing and employees data analysis and follow-up for IBM's AI-powered staffing platform providing 2000+ IT consultants to NATO missions each year in 20+ NATO locations
•Published White Paper: NATO Acquisition Study - help NATO reform their IT software and projects procurement process

Numaï Partners Consulting

Change Management Specialist

Paris, France

Januar 2017 - Juli 2017 (6 Monate)

Implementation of Vallourec Group's transformation strategy after an acquisition: internal communication advice, governance set up, cultural change with employees workshops
•Studies and research in social relations and job perceptions for Total and Veolia

Alexandre M'Barek - Symbio Connect


Delphine worked with Symbio as aproject manager with one of our customers on defining and implementing a brand strategy, coordinating the development of a new website and advising on customer engagement in the digital era. We were very happy with her communication with the customer, her structure and quality of work and her propositions to help customer achieve their ambitions. Looking forward to collaborating with Delphine again!

Gareth Parker - Raphael Rowe Foundation


Delphine has been of tremendous help from the early days of the Foundation to get it off the ground: taking initiatives and implementing solutions to improve internal processes and promote collaboration, defining the strategy, finding opportunities for missions and managing them with success. Through times of doubt, Delphine stepped up to ensure that the team kept moving forward: a natural leader!

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