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client-side interim management & consulting

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Constanze in wenigen Worten

Independent Market Research Professional: Website following soon Interim Management (client side only) & consulting with various clients:
On continous basis:
• Since 2014: OTC: Strategic research with focus on U&A, packaging testing, concept testing, panel data and consulting regarding concept writing
• Since 2015: Spirits and alcoholical beverages: Strategic research with focus on brand equity trackings, advertising including media modelling, concept testing and U&A segmentations
• Since 2017: Cosmetics: Analyzing and negotiating market data of its structure with various teams including Nielsen-data and direct data from retail clients for implementation, weekly market data reportings
On project basis:
• 2014, 2015, 2017: Media: Preparing presentations of customer satisfaction survey; preparing team workshop by analysis of customer insights
• 2016: Coffee: Preparing annual insights presentation for management with focus on market analysis with panel data, shopper research, image trackings
• 2016: Hygiene products: Preparing workshop for shopper insights
• 2017: Food Equipment such as grills: Online-Survey among readers of customers magazines, analysis of global U&A and other insights, consulting regarding shopper research
• 2017: Travel: Consulting regarding concept writing
• 2017: Fashion: Marketing Mix Modelling, analysis of transactional data
• 2018: Retail: Shopper research regarding packaging for category management; research regarding flyers of retail advertising (project conducted by employee)
• 2019: Retail: Ad hoc research with focus on customer satisfaction surveys and analysis of transactional data also for loyalty program

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

August 1995 - März 1998 | Düsseldorf, Germany

Presse & Medien

Market Horizons, Marketing- und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH of GREY group, Duesseldorf

Voluntary service (1995-1997) Market Research Assistant (1997-1998)

April 1998 - März 2001 | Düsseldorf, Germany


RSG Marketing Research

Market Research Assistent (1998 - 1999) Project Manager (2000-2001)

April 2001 - Juni 2001 | Cologne, Germany


Sara Lee Household & Body Care

Market Research Manager

April 2005 - Januar 2008 | Düsseldorf, Germany


GN Research GmbH

Senior Project Manager & Business Unit Manager FMCG

• Led a team of 6-8 employees
• Increased efficiency of project management and therefore increased profitability
• Increased client and employee satisfaction by improved quality management, process optimization
• Acquistion of new clients
• Consultancy across several clients (FMCG, consumer electronics)
• Development of client relationships, cross-selling of market research services
• Improving customer satisfaction
• Strategy of research service portfolio
• Relaunch of company website and public relations, direct marketing activitites
• Renenue of € 1.2 mio annually in business unit
Februar 2008 - März 2011 | Mannheim, Germany


Reckitt Benckiser Deutschland GmbH

Market Research Manager Central Europe

• Sole contact person for up to 70 internal clients regarding market research
• Marketing consultancy, driven by leadership of all market research activities in D-A-CH-NL, including ad-hoc an panel data (e.g. Nielsen, IRI, Drotax and direct data from retail clients)
• Sucesses
• Supported more accrate volume managment along business plans, based on holistic market and brand insights
• Improved launch success by better preparation, e.g. for Cillit Bang „Schimmelfrei“, Sagrotan „Seifenspender“ and relaunch of Sagrotan laundry sanitizer
• Optimized tracking of business performance (incl. 40 databases and rolling out new reporting system)
• Supported development of improved KPI sales scorcard for trade negotiations
• Advised Central European management team on budget priorities, e.g. by assessing portfolio strategy for business reviews
• Uncovered strategic growth opportunities, guided all market research activities together with Management Board, Marketing and Sales department
• Conduction of market research and acting as market research consultant across entire marketing mix for all RB brands, i.E. Air Wick, Cillit Bang, Dobendan, Finish, Harpic, Sagrotan, Veet, Vanish, Clearasil, Kukident
• Generated broad variety of insights: shopper/ retail, consumer, market and product insights across categories
• Led and conducted market research trainings for Marketing and Sales department
• Supported global market research team in terms of best practice and local market specifics
• Cooperation in cross-functional teams
• Effective management of market research budget and steering research agencies, including purchases
Juli 2011 - Februar 2013 | Berlin, Germany


Sony Europe Ltd

Head of Market & Customer Insights

• Led „Market & Customer Insights“ team with 4 employees (consumer electronics division)
• Implemented consumer centric culture, therefore enhanced quality of business decisions
• Increased motivation and qualification of team members
• Launched process of market research projects and uncovered growth opportunities across market segments
• Developed low cost pre- and post-Campaign analysis tool
• Led change initiatives „Strategic Positioning“ and „Brand Activation“
• Tasked by headquarters with being „Change Agent“, e.g. regarding best practices
• Improved recommendations based on target group segmentations, incl. advice during execution
• Set up new price reporting tool and optimized European brand tracking tool
• Generated broad variety of insights: shopper/ retail, consumer, market and product insights across categories, e.g. TV, headphones, loudspeakers, computers, cameras
• Conduction of research studies across the entire marketing mix (price, promotion, place, product)
• Implemented Pan-European design test (standing in for European Head of Insight)
• Effective management of market research budget and steering research agencies, including purchases

Thomas Kopf - MCM Klosterfrau


On OTC, all market research topics interim manager, fruitful and manifold project tasks fulfilled: - Usage & attitude in OTC / FMCG - Research on innovative product concepts, standard and non-standard - Communication research on different formats - Handling of diverse internal and external contacts in a responsible way - Consistent briefing and adaptation to customer needs

Ausbildung & Abschlüsse

  • Communication Economist WAK

    WAK Westdeutsche Akademie für Kommunikation Köln

  • Marketing & Sales Economist WAK

    Westdeutsche Akademie für Kommunikation Köln



  • Marktforscherin BVM




  • German

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  • English


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