Armin Lušija

wordpress/frontend developer

Munich, Germany

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Armin in wenigen Worten

Due to my nature and passion for coding I am always interested in gaining additional experience, expanding my skills and working within a great team.
My experience so far is consisted of the frontend technologies: Css3, Html5 and js/jquery on frontend. I have a knowledge with PHP and SQL.
As a freelancer I have focused on specializing in these technologies working with couple of CMS systems, where I have developed skills and knowledge, Wordpress and Magento as well as new Concrete5.
I'm working pixel perfect and responsive design, with or without bootstrap, and quickly adapt to other frameworks, if desired, or adopt to whatever the situation dictates.
My previous employers and contracts can say that I am dedicated and resourceful. Also, it is not a problem for me to work longer than the working hours in order to complete the project on time and to client's satisfaction.
I hope my previous knowledge and skills will be useful to you and your team.
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