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Álvaro Téllez

technical consultant and backend developer

Kann in folgende Städte reisen: Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main

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Standort und Mobilität

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
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  • Frankfurt am Main und im Umkreis von 50km
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Álvaro in wenigen Worten

I'm a technical consultant (Technikerberater) and Backend developer, dealing with different programm languajes like Java (including spring framework), Javascript, Node.js... in the daily basis.

I have more than 10 years experience working as IT technical guy (developer, level 3 support, consultant, etc.). In my last project (for almost the last 4 years) I was in the Technical Experts team, which gave support to several other teams in the technical topics like: development of some applications/tools, analyzing problem and solving them, defining APIs, implementing some of them (mainly the ones close to the security topics), ethical hacking support and vulnerabilities analysis, helping in the integration of the different pieces in a cloud environment, etc. I've worked also as technical architecture.

My strongest characteristic is not what I know currently but what I'm able to deal with. I'm not afraid of learning new things, tools, platforms, etc. and I do in short time. I'm also good analyzing problems, not stopping just in the current error itself but trying to find the root of it. Due to those characteristics I've been usually a cross actor in projects, acting as developer, integrator, issue analyst, security adviser and developer security pieces, technical support, etc.

Since I don't speak German fluently, I'd rather prefer to work in projects in English.
I could work onsite (Frankfurt and nearby) or on remote with punctual travels if needed.

Projekt- und Berufserfahrung

Santander Consumer Technology Services


IT Technical advisor

Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

November 2015 - September 2019 (3 Jahre und 10 Monate)

I worked in Channels area, particularly in the Technical experts team, which is integrated in the Architecture department. This department is cross all along the customer channels, therefore I’ve been involved in dozens of different topics and covering different positions, depending on the situation.

During these years I’ve involved mainly in the digital transformation, where:
- I’ve set up new technologies and platforms
- integrate different systems
- design and develop some ad hoc pieces in order to integrate some legacy pieces in the new systems
- develop some security pieces and give support regarding the whole security concept
- extend some architectures designing and developing core pieces
- work closely with some third-party providers, developing proof of concepts when needed
- API definition and development
- analyze vulnerabilities detected in different ethical hackings and solving them, or giving support to the proper team

When needed I’ve provided also a level 3 support kind of in brownfield projects as well as greenfield ones.
Node.js Java JavaScript API Problem Solving Security Integrator PaaS CI Microservices Rest Services Node-Red Jenkins Git IBM API Connect Ethical Hacking API Definition jQuery LDAP OpenShift

Vector ITC Group - VECTOR


Development and maintenance of security components

Madrid, Spanien

März 2015 - September 2015 (6 Monate)

Responsible of several security components related to the Internet Banking applications, like security signing methods, from the development side.

Also, I took part of the team in charge of the maintenance of some templates for Internet Banking applications and I provide level 3 support on certain issues as well.
Java JavaScript Security Integrator Problem Solving Ethical Hacking HTML5 JQuery CSS3 LDAP

Santander Consumer Technology Services


Channels integrator

Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

März 2010 - Februar 2015 (4 Jahre und 11 Monate)

Working in Channels area as integrator. Mainly I defined and integrated applications for different channels like Internet & Mobile Banking, Intranet (offices and backoffice), ATMs, etc. I acted also as level 1 & 2, and sometimes as 3 support. This support included the analysis and resolution of vulnerabilities detected in ethical hackings.

I took part of 2 transformation projects also, where I developed some applications related to data migrations and adaptations, focused generally in the security point of view (credentials, signing methods, etc.).

Vector ITC Group - VECTOR



Madrid, Spanien

Oktober 2006 - Februar 2010 (3 Jahre und 4 Monate)

Software developer of, mainly, backend applications.

I took part also in a couple of customer’s secure data migrations, developing the corresponding software. I designed and developed few architectural solutions too.

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